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Jack and Liz,
Although the first slide models may have hit the market in 1999, the first model year for a Blue Bird with slides was the 2000. It is an HWH system and we have encountered very few problems with ours other than the system seems to tilt on the slide side after it has been out for a day or two. We took the coach to an HWH certified dealer back in September and they were unable to diagnose the problem. I have since learned that HWH problems are best handled at one of their master certified dealerships. Unfortunately, other issues with the coach have precluded us getting it to one of those dealers since that time. I've spoken with George at Bleakley in Unadilla and he indicated that he thought it was a solenoid. If I ever get the coach back on the road I will find out if that was the problem. Other than that, our system has performed flawlessly although we did have it serviced and checked regularly at the factory until it closed.
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