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Default Onan generator

New to us 1987FC. Genset not running when we bought bus. Had overheated, we think, and shut down. Head gskt was replaced by P O and hasn't been run since as was popping back through intake. Found valves to be way out of adjustment and got engine running ok. Engine will start but not stay running unless hold shutdown solenoid back. Looked thru Onan Manual and find power to SP switch when cranking but no power after start.
Manual is pointing to bad DC control board. I did change the 2 Bosch relays in the control box as I had them on hand.
Also have no cooling fan when engine is running. Doesn't a no power generation situation shut down the engine ? Manual doesn't seem to address this.
Don't want to spend a lot of time and $ on getting engine right only to find the generator end is bad.
Am considering hot wiring the engine shut down solenoid in order to run tests on gen but Leary of damaging circuit board. ( if it isn't already toast )
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