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Originally Posted by jwmp View Post
I'm thinking of replacing mine, but a little concerned about filing a claim. I don't need to give them a reason to drop or increase my premium, although they say it won't affect it.
Depends on how many claims you have. I was told the same thing, if you are not at fault it will not count against you. Don't believe it! We had State Farm for 39 years. Home, auto, everything. At times up to 4 cars, but the last was 3. In a 1 year period, we had 3 cars damaged by falling trees when hurricanes went up the Florida coast (2 at one time, one a year later). Not totaled, just damaged. As I recall we had 2 or 3 windshield claims in various cars in a 5 year period. Again, we were never considered "at fault" in any of these claims. The total payout on all the claims was less than $15,000 , probably closer to $12,000. We were dropped by State Farm for "excessive amount of claims". My agent, who happily took our money for 39 years said there was nothing he could do as it was from "corporate". In shopping for new insurance, I found out everyone has an insurance score. I was told it was like your credit score. Any claim you have follows you and your "score" figures in your rate. My wife's car has a small crack in the windshield. If it gets bigger I'll just pay for it. I hate paying for insurance I'm afraid to use. If I had a major claim, then yes I would file it. Small ones, I'll pay myself. I was told 5 $500 claims in 3 years are worse than 1 $50,000 claim, although either would raise your rates.
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