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Default Shocks and Tires

I am still working on the interior remodel. I will post pics soon.

When I drove the bus home from buying it I had some questions for you all. I was concerned about the triple death bounce when I hit a transition in the road. The suspension Dump light came on as well. You guys recommended Tires and shocks. I looked through the POs service records and he had just had new shocks put on 3000 miles earlier. The bus was serviced at Holland motors in So Cal. Invoice stated customer wants the highest grade shocks available. They installed Monroes. Customer stated suspension dump light comes on when he hits a big bump. They stated they could not find the problem causing that.

Well I got new tires and shocks installed today . Per Randy's recommendation I got Koni Reds all the way around. some people recommend turning the adjustment screw one full turn clockwise because of the weight of the bus. Randy said stiffen them up as far as they will go (about four turns) I did the maximum stiffness on all shocks and WOW what a great ride. Safe, smooth, and stable no matter how big the bump. And guess what? The suspension dump light comes on no more! Go Holland Motors!

Put BFGs on for tires. Can't say that helped the ride but couldn't have hurt compared to the 7 year old tires.

Shocks came from Super Steer. John was very helpful. And shipped same day.

Thanks everyone who chimed in on this.

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