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I ran Boston to Virginia twice a week for about 5 years when I was trucking. There are several ways you can go. All have some trade offs.

The western route has lots of hills and you can run into some very bad weather in February. The eastern routes(s) are flatter, better weather, (mostly), but have traffic and tolls.

I ran 95 right across the GW but if you don't like that you can run I-84 thru Danbury then I-684 to White Plains, NY. Pick up I-287 across the Tappan Zee Bridge and then either NJ-17 back down to I-95 OR just follow I-287 all the way around to I-95. Once you cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge, follow the signs to Dover, DE. That's DE-1 South. It's like Interstate, 70MPH. In Dover you will pick up US-13 south. Good, flat road, lots of places to stop but no campgrounds. Oasis Truck Stop in Laurel DE usually has the cheapest fuel and a decent restaurant. There is a huge rest area at the toll booth for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel where you can spend the night in comfort and safety. There is also a scenic over look just after you pay toll but no over night parking. US-13 down to Virginia Beach and then pick up I-64 EAST!!!! around VA Beach and Norfolk. Do NOT TAKE the GPS route through Norfolk!!! Pickup US-58 West in Suffolk VA to I-95.

All roads are 4 lane and most are limited access.

Have Fun!

1985 PT36
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