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I spoke to the shop today, and while they don't support the 3060, they said the allison 2000 series would do everything I needed it to with the DT466 in front of it. They build harnesses and program the PCM, have shifters / lock-out shifters for it, and could easily set it up for my needs. They said it was rated conservatively by Allison at 32k lb load, and they have lots of people with heavier set-ups that it works fine in. I am waiting for another md trans buddy to confirm if it'll handle the weight / engine / towing I'm wanting to do. Around $2,500 for the harness / pcm / tuning / shifter etc. Recommended a triple converter for $1,500, and they sell reman units that use OEM parts (no chinese junk) for $4k-5k or so.

Mike, what are your thoughts since you are a trans guru? Do you feel that the 2000 series would be a good choice for the DT466 in a 78 FC 33'?
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