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Makes me think it's someone local. Lots of scams down here. They like to pick on the seniors. Almost every week one get scammed. Last was (in the news) they got the call from the 'grandson' to bail them out on the phone.

Good news is, the senior centers are training them to be cautious. One was on the news about how she foiled the one who said they were from the IRS and she was supposed to pay a fine over the phone or be picked up. She called the cops instead.

The one that I got mixed up in picked a known local doctor who they must have found in the news that she was being called up from the National Guard. My first response was to Google her and I found her and the story was 'true'. Then I called eBay. Crossed my mind to try to contact the Army to let them know. Didn't do though. Thanks! I let it drop and not a peep. Thankfully.
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