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Thanks Jim and Randy for the good comments about my son. Makes me very proud as a father that he turned out so good.

Jim was like a kid with a new toy.....well a tired wore out kid....but happy!
He was also a blessing to me that on his way to pick up his new bus they stopped in Wisconsin and picked up a set of heads with Jake's on them for my bus. I can't thank him enough for that and being patient on my late arrival due to work. I wanted to get the 93 out before salt and weather was an issue and I wanted him to get his new bird in its nest for the winter. I believe his new bird will make it easier to forget some of the issues he has had with the 93 and Michelle will really enjoy HER new bus. I can understand Jims frustration with all the work he had done and then get your bus back worse than it was before.

My son and I got home after 1 in the morning with no problems. Just my son will have to wash the oil off his truck from following me. it will be up to my wife (Sara) on which one we will keep. 93 with garden tub or 93 with shower? Time will tell.
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