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Originally Posted by al perna View Post
Well how about this one . In fact you wont believe it but it is true . My accountant , in house gets a email from my partner . This email is perfect name s her I mean I tell you there is no way to know it is not him . So it said go to the trust fund and wire 147k , yes this is not a misprint . He also enclosed a invoice from china . We deal with china . So she send it . Two days latter another email arrives this time 87k , so she wires the money . Then one day latter they ask for 35k . She wires the funds . Next day they ask for 168k . Now she looks at the account and realizes there is nothing left . Then and only then she walks 3o feet to his office and ask where the money for the wire will come from , to which he said " What are you talking about " . We were able to freeze 78k in Hong Kong but it might take 2 years to get it .
My point is they hack your account they study who you email , how you email and where your money is , and then they make there move . Sad but a True Story . Happened in Dec.
This kind of stuff is exactly what my company does for a living - stopping and block spam, scams, phishing, spearphishing, and all other kinds of security. I love going up and talking to our security team and all the stuff they do on a daily basis to block and detect this stuff. Its incredible!
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