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Originally Posted by martyspaulding View Post
I have an '87 PT40.

I currently have:

* a 2001-ish Iota DLS-55, 55a charger without any add-ons, and
* a World Friendship Co (WFCO) WF-8875, 75a charger also without addons. Looks pretty old.

Both have 4 pin phone type jacks for some sort of add ons, but none installed.

In the Bottom tray there is a unit I have yet to identify. It is primarily a round motor-looking unit and I'm not sure if it's the inverter? It looks like OEM to me. It has a multitude of wires running to it and appears to be 12v based as it doesn't plug into 110v like the chargers do.

Photo of that bad boy attached.

There is nothing in my blue box about an inverter system.

I do not seem to have *any* 110v circuits that operate off an inverter circuit. I *only* have 110v when on shore or gen power as far as I can tell.

These may be dumb questions when you already know the answers, but:

* Why do I have TWO chargers when the batteries are all in one bank ? Or it there a second charger just for the gen battery ? Or is one purely a backup that should be unplugged when not needed ?

* Am I missing an inverter switch somewhere ? There isn't one on the dash or dinette consoles that I can see. I would assume that there is a way to turn it off so that its not a drain on the house bank when not in use and some random 110v device calls for power.

Newbie to things ... just picking up the clues as I follow the bread crumbs.

I like the idea of replacing all three units with one, having a little more ROOM in that compartment, and being able to sort out the mess of wiring that is in there.

I've read favorable things about the Xantrex units. Do they make one that could replace all three ?

I realize also that the current inverter could be bad, a solenoid or relay could be out, or a fuse blown ... but I wonder about a switch before I tear into all that.

Thanks for all the help

I installed a Xantrex Prosine 2 (charger and inverter)this past spring and it is working very well.

I followed along with another thread that Shane and a few others had going to figure it out. They really helped me out.

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