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Originally Posted by swanbirdcygnus View Post
This may be a bit off-issue, since it's not exactly a Bluebird question, however others than myself may have the same question.

Which is: Does anyone have any information about how to find Medicare Supplement Insurance that is not regional based? In other words, how does a full-time RVer who constantly travels get insurance that doesn't require visiting doctors in a home-base area? Some policies only cover visits to an ER or Immediate Care facility out of the area where their insurance provider is based, which isn't always the best way to get some medical issues resolved

Dave Swan
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Howdy, Dave.
You have posted a interesting question. Jack and I are full-time RVers and belong to the Escapees RV Club, an organization that supports fulltimers. The club might have some contacts for what you want. We have Medicare gap insurance through Jack's former employer, GE. How about checking out the discussion forums at the Escapees's web site? www. Another thought is that AARP might have plans that would work for you.

I do know that our premiums are based upon our home base's area. Ours is Livingston, TX.

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