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I also have all State Farm (home, cars, business, coach). I found previously that when I insured the coach with another company my State Farm umbrella policy went way up. Kind of neutralized any possible savings.
I have had home and auto with American National for years. Every couple or so I "test them" and get quotes from others. Sometimes I will find the auto for less. USAA beats their auto rates, but are way higher on the homeowner's.

I thought about getting auto from USAA and keeping homeowner's with American National, but without the auto/home discount from American National, it would been a total savings of $9. Not enough to change from a company that paid an 18K liability claim (water damage to a neighbor's house) and not only didn't cancel me, they didn't even raise my rates.

As for those commercials claiming that so and so saved $832 by switching from so and so, the few times I have responded to one of those, they were HUNDREDS of dollars higher than what I had.
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