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Default 30 amp fuse in place of a 10 amp

On my genset (Perkins 12.5) last week I got it started after about a year of sitting. It rand good for about 10 minutes I turned on all three A/C for a load. It stumbled a little bit but continued to pick up. Finally it stumbled and died. I have replaced the Racor filter and the fuel filter and bleed the system. A I was trying to crank it from the control box I could see the fuel solenoid moving back and forth very rapidly. I have fuel up the injector pump. When it quit last week it blew the fuse in the control box. This is not a new issue because someone put a 30 in place of a 10, it is popping 30 amp a lit bit of cranking. Also there is a slot for a fues just forward of the fuel filter.

In looking at the drawing I only see one 10 amp fuse did I over look something?
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