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Originally Posted by chasbeen View Post
I asked the central power shop manager about the different series DD, he advised to only go with the 50 or 60 series, he said in five of his shops he only had one person who worked on the older engines and that most of the reman engines are done in china then shipped back.
This is where I have heard the concerns from
Hi Cliff,

Have you checked out MTU's web site? They took over the 2 stroke engine business from Detroit Diesel including their "Reliabilt" engines.

Detroit Diesel Series 92
  • Introduced in 1973 in 6, 8, 12 and 16 V-configurations
  • Based on the Series 71
  • 8V92 still produced for military applications
  • Applications: Military, marine, construction, industrial, oil & gas, on-highway/bus
  • Available today as reliabilt® remanufactured engine

MTU owns the exclusive rights to market and support all Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines and products for all applications on a worldwide basis. These products continue to be offered in the marketplace under the traditional Detroit Diesel brand, reflecting decades of history during which time approximately 3.5 million engines were built.

The center of competency for the Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle family remains with MTU in Detroit, Michigan. Our partners provide additional support in traditional roles as distributors, dealers, remanufacturing centers, warehouses, regional offices and vendors. We have made a long-term commitment to support our customers for many years to come.

Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle reliabilt® engines are intended to be indistinguishable from genuine, new original equipment parts and components—delivering robust, reliable performance at a tremendous savings. Every reliabilt® engine is dynamometer-tested to validate performance and ensure customer satisfaction. Whenever possible without impacting engine performance, the reliabilt® program provides products that are built to the latest engineering specifications, resulting in uncompromised quality and service life.

Warranty coverage
Our Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines are covered by a worldwide 12-month, unlimited miles/hours warranty. New and remanufactured service replacement parts have a 12-month, unlimited miles/hours warranty, which is honored at any authorized MTU service location around the world. Power Protection Plan (P3) extended service plans for remanufactured engines – up to five years/300,000 miles – are also available for purchase.
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