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Originally Posted by sfedeli View Post
In 1985, technology was pretty limited. Bluebird used a diode to control and limit voltage from leaking backwards from the generator battery to the house circuits. The problem was that the voltage across the diode would drop 1-2 volts, resulting in a weak or even dead battery. The diode is located in your battery charger compartment, under the shelf where the battery charger(s) are located. You should replace it with one of these-

This device will allow your chargers and/or alternator to provide more voltage to the generator battery and will close when you shut down the engine or turn off the generator- allowing your charger(s) to act like an alternator for the generator.

Here is a photo of my 1985 PT40 charger compartment. In the upper center of the picture, you will see the predecessor to the ACR (Automatic Charging Relay) which I posted in the link above. I have installed 4 of the ACR's on various mid-80's coaches and we solved the problem you are experiencing in each case.

And you say your not an Electrician and have never played one on TV.
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