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B'Ham RV park liked the photo' come the 1st I can do a month to month there.
I had a bit of a problems at the Birch Bay State Park. Couldn't get very level, then this AM a ranger handed me tickets for $10 each x's 2 ! Even though both my and my son's cars fit in the spot, they charge $10 a night for each car, on top of the $30 a night to camp! RIDICULOUS! So I decided that was enough for me and aired back up and raised the levelers. The one that had the valve replaced super filled and the others not so much! SO, I called (it's Saturday) for mechanics and no one in touch with the one who worked on other things and he relieved the air and told me to park at the shop.."It's cheaper"...not so sure about that! So I'm back at the shop.
I'm tired, frustrated and close to broke.
B'Ham is going to be $500 a month + $50 elect deposit..and elect. wall to wall RV's, laundry, shower, WiFi, not much else.
Thousand Trails puts a person through regular background check, like for rental units, for monthly and it's $600 + elect..closer to the water, has dog run, etc.. showers, laundry..nice setting.
Then there's KOA, they are further up in Lynden. Right now you can get in for $600 a month off season. They have a couple lakes, nice treed setting, etc..
Worker on Wheels had an add for the Cedars RV park. When I called they said "It's too old!" no option to send photo's ect.
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