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Growing up in England, we tent camped every summer close to the seaside. It was all we could afford, though we kids didn't realize it, & for us it was a great adventure. It was a different time; we'd find a nice-looking field, Mum or Dad would go ask the farmer how much he wanted for us to camp there, usually it was free. Fast forward to being newly married here in the US, and again we started under canvas for the same reasons. We progressed through a pop-up, tow-behind trailer, then eventually a Class C, a Four Winds Chateau. Talk about sticks & staples! Although almost new, the flimsy fibreboard "walls" kept coming loose from the 1" x 1" wooden framing, doors fell off while driving a bumpy road, drawers flew out on winding roads, fiberglass sides delaminated, & we had to have the roof replaced after 18 months due to water leaks (factory reimbursed us for that).
At a Good Sam rally in Phoenix, a dealer had a used PT-40 for sale. He obviously knew Wanderlodges, spent hours showing us round & demonstrating all the systems. Heavy-duty plywood walls, steel body...but what blew me away was the cockpit; all those dials & switches! We'd have traded right then, except the dealer wouldn't take our POS SOB in trade; he diplomatically said they didn't take in "starter-level" rigs!
I found WOG once we got home, lurked for a bit till Randy had one on BBBB, then bought it sight unseen. HUGE learning curve, but thanks to all the WOG mentors, every question I posted was answered. Recently upgraded to a WB43, now happily full-timing. As amazing as these busses are, without WOG, for me anyway, it would be a non-event, I didn't have the knowledge to fix a lot of the mechanical things, & RV repair outfits where we used to live didn't want to know. The more I fix, the more I learn, though I sometimes wonder...did you know Bluebird used 34 screws to attach the microwave support bracket to the rear wall?
Mike & Jackie Williams
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"Retirement Bird" 1997 43WB
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