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After a google search to make sure no springs would fly out I removed the compressor intake housing made a new gasket and reinstalled it. About half of the original gasket was mia.
So my tester works in theory but needs some refinement, it was based of a link Woody posted in the past. It is a 4” pvc cap with a gauge and Schrader valve mounted into the end. I used a 4” plumbing flexible rubber coupling to attach it to the inlet of the turbo. The first issue was that it seems that the inlet is probably 3.5”, but I was able to tighten the clamp enough to get it on. The second issue that the worm clamps can’t hold the pressure that a true turbo plumbing clamp can so at about 13 psi the test plug would leave the turbo and head for the yard. After I reinstalled it a couple of times I just ran it to 10 psi listening for leaks. The pressure would drop very slowly, about 1 psi every 5 seconds or so. I think the intake seems pretty solid at this point. We’ll see what effect the blown gasket had on boost pressure.
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