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Default Engine check light 0 psi oil pressure at idle.

I'm seeing 0 oil pressure at idle when the engine idles while hot, such as when pulling up to pay tolls. The oil level is good. M380 2007 with Cummins ISL 400.

The VMS PC Silverleaf doesn't have any recorded error codes, other than a weird "unknown" code. I also don't see anything about oil on the RoadRunner 4, although it has mentioned a high voltage alert. The dash light turns on and the buzzer sounds at idle when the engine is warm. The oil pressure gauge drops to zero.

The M380 manual mentions turning on the "diagnostic switch" or adding a "shorting plug" to read blinking light error codes, but doesn't say where they are. I'm familiar with this process for a car, but not the Cummins.

Is there a manual that will help me out with this? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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