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Default Right side air bags leaking/down

So, I just get done with solving the engine ECU power problem and we went to move the coach to a new site. The right side air bags would not inflate. I presume I have a leak, which I will start tracing after the 4"-6" of rain that the hurricane is supposed to bring us.

I've looked at a couple of pneumatic diagrams I've collected (hoping to never have to use them) and it appears that the two bags on each side are connected together so that a leak in either affects both. Can anyone confirm this?

Any other comments or advice would be appreciated. I've found part numbers for front and rear bags. Are there any known trouble spots I should check? Such as the suspension dump valve for that side? I'll use a spray bottle of soapy water while looking for leaks.

Is it possible to limp home 350 miles with one side down? If one bag is leaking, is it ok to seal off the line that goes to the leaking bag and drive it on three bags, or is it better to leave both deflated on that side?

Thanks for any help!
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