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Default Few More M450 Questions and Observations

Took the 450 for a test drive today with a C-13 CAT

1. What is the range of oil pressure at 60 mph. I saw around 35-40 psi on the gauge (the needle halfway between 0-75). Idle was around 17-20.

2. Air temp was around 60 degrees and saw approximately 200 degrees (first line above 175) on the water temp and 200 trans temp. Normal?

3. Noticed some heavy noise from the front end over bumps. Anything I should look for. No play in the wheel nor vibration. NoGas suggested I check the step. Will do that tomorrow. Thank you Van!

4. It rode nice and quiet compared to the Alpine. It doesn't respond as fast but it weights almost twice as much, so I cannot expect that. The M450 likes to pick up speed going down hill. I like the jake brake (and the sound), we have an exhaust brake on the Alpine. Had no trouble driving the M450. It turns sharper than our 37'. In fact I didn't even get to test it's turning radius limits.

5. Van came by to have a look see and was able to answer many questions I had. Maybe the most important........How do I know what tune I am picking out on the horn!!! I knew I was going to have trouble keeping track how many times I hit the "next tune" button. Truly, Van was a big help.

6. Does any one run VMSpc and does it support all the dash gauges?



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