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Originally Posted by Icefixr66 View Post
Good morning Tom, Question 1- that is the norm, question 2- also the norm, question 3- our highways are just horrible in some places, question 4- you can have the tranny reprogrammed to downshift to 5th gear instead of 4th, the jakes don’t function when the cruise is set. I just do it manually. The 450 has a 38 ft turning radius as per Allen Barbie in the factory tour video. Question 5. On face of the overhead to the far left next to the surround sound speaker should be a digital readout for the musical horn selection and a list should be in the blue box or in the storage door below the drivers drink holder. Can’t help with question 6, I use what is on the dash and have no issues. Hope this helps!

Mike, thank you for letting me know that what I saw on the gauges was normal. I will check the jake downshift. If it is 4th (and I honestly can't tell you) I'll take it to Allison and have it reprogrammed. Did the same for the Alpine's exhaust brake. I do like the Jake brake sound better but now I'll have to turn it off when I see the signs..."no engine braking"
Van showed me the digital readout. Never would have looked there!

When/if....not ours yet, we get it home I am sure my post frequency will pick up just a wee bit.

Will need to winterize it unfortunately (won't fit in the Alpines heated bay) and put in a 50 amp service. Don't think my 20 amp will keep the inverters going and the batteries charged.

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