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Originally Posted by Harold,Cat&Sam View Post
Arkansas Ozarks

Will look, thank you.

Originally Posted by NoGas View Post
Search Google with “RV garage homes Arizona” (or other state you might be interested in). Lots of options. Further away from big cities = less $$ to build and operate. You’ve likely seen the Birdhouse we had built 3 years ago. LOVE that 65’ air conditioned garage! Our plan to be Sunbirds this first “unemployed” year has worked out perfect. Might’ve chosen something in TX & a bit further out, had it not been for the MIL. However, the flip side of being on the outskirts of a big metro area is it helps with higher appreciation and when the time comes, better than average resale potential. AZ, FL and south TX/gulf coast are all nice for 3 seasons a year. Then a BB can almost certainly find cooler temps in the Summers. Have heard good things about AR, and SoCal would be nice if it weren’t for the taxes & politics. It all depends on where you want to spend 4-6 months a year .

If a bird house with a garage is not needed or desired, Escapee parks are nice alternatives too.

Thing is Van is we don't want to stay in the Bird, the only reason for driving it is that we have several cats that would be coming with us and a passenger vehicle would suck hehehe...would make some entertaining video though!

Would tow the pickup with the quad in the box

The boss likes Arizona as she goes there somewhat frequently.

I have never travelled much as I really don't like it so I've not got a lot to go on as far as locations.

Ideally would like firearm friendly as well.

Will check those links out, thanks!
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