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Originally Posted by JoeWilliamson View Post

I have lost water pressure in my coach, when hooked up to shore water.
I assumed that I needed a new water pressure regulator. When removing the old one, I noticed that there is no pressure drop at the regulator. And I found what appears to be a stuck check valve beyond this regulator. It appears that replacing this valve will require tearing out a wall below the nightstand on the driver side of the rear bedroom. Is this so? Please tell me there is an easier way to remove this check valve from the outside, near the water inlet port. Once out, is it best to replace it or rely on a regulator on the water hose instead? I use city water via the hose most of the time.


If the problem is not in the Sporlan valve which is likely next to the chassis heater but in this regulator, remove the carpeted panel on the road side running fore and aft and then the base of the nightstand if you can't get to it with the bed propped up. It is a tight fit. Good time to valve out or disconnect the water purge solenoid from coach air as well.
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