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Cool stuff. Andre upped the ante!

Wonder if Andre will answer questions...
That is smart using the water tank to moderate the temp.

I wnoder if he does any cooling of the lithiums for summer / high ambient use? Or if the water tank is sufficient. Probably depends upon how long one stays and how hot. And nighttime temps.

I've thought about for my future install, either putting them inside a closet or within a closed battery box that is insulated and then fed air via duct from the living space.

Does he also have lithium start batteries?

Hopefully, he might start his own thread to answer some questions.

Van -
How hot does your bay get when you camp in the summer in AZ? Have you ever charted?
Do you see over 90F? I assume it'd land around average day / night temp. Maybe traveling would be the hottest with the high asphalt temps.

Hope you are enjoying WOG!

Doug W.
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