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I couldn't find a lock for the front slide when extended either. I noticed this because at the time the slide would creep in a little bit sometimes. At the time the 12 volt compressor was unpugged because it needed rebuilt,"it was running all time and not putting out any pressure at all". I am not sure but it seems like air pressure in the cylinders might be keeping it out.

I found that it locks when retracted only when the engine is started or the master switch is turned off. And then stays that way until the room is moved again. Not sure if thats normal, but I think it is.

Shutting off the valve in the air control box would probably unlock it when extended if it does have one. Plus would release air in the cylinders allowing you to push it in, I have done that many times.

Does yours have four buttons on the controld panel? The right two are for service, so that you can work on the seal. I misunderstood the message "Not in Travel Position" when I first tried those two buttons on the right. It means it has to be locked and ready for travel down the road before it will come in farther than normal to work on the seal.

I found that out when I repaired a bad seal leak at the bottom where the seal joins together.

Hope this helps, I had to find out the hard way.
Carl Varner
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