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I contacted a repair facility yesterday(not Parliament) and was told that the labor to replace a seal would run 10 to 15 hours due in part to requiring two men to disconnect the slide mechanism and push the rooms in. Their parts person was out and they could not tell me where the seals were made or how much seals would cost.

Question: When the slides (living and bedroom) are in the service position, are the slide seals easily accessed for removal and replacement? Another way of asking the question is what is the service position? I can't believe there would be that much labor if the slide seals are easily accessed.

Sorry if I am asking too many questions about slide seals. I will call Parliament on Monday.

I did call HWH in Iowa and they were not sure if they made the seals for the M380 or not. They did not seem to want to be very helpful but did offer that most inflatable seals were around $1000. They said they needed specific width and height measurements for the slide opening before they could even look up a slide seal and provide a firm cost.

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