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There is not that much labor involved in accessing the rear slide seal, but there is in accessing the front slide seal. I believe for the rear slide you must first unhook the awning arms so that when you recess the slide to expose the seal you do not bend the awning arms. Then look in the driver side bay, I think it is the third one counting from the front to the rear. There is a black cover covering the slide computer. Inside you should see a switch that says service. With the switch in the service position when you close the slide using the controls inside the coach, instead of closing flush with the outside it should recess exposing the seal.

With the front slide you will need to "unbolt" the air rams which are inside the coach one just behind the driver's chair and the other under the little shelf - under the cover that slides out when you extend the front slide - it is against the wall between the kitchen sink and the pull out pantry - the one with the slide controls. It might take you a couple of hours to "unbolt" and "re-bolt." Once the air rams are unbolted you can manually push the front slide in and expose the slide seal. Once again do not foget to undo the awning arms so that they do not get bent. If I have mistated something here or forgot something I hope others will jump in and set the record straight.
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