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Catastrophes, Fires, Flood, Accidents, etc... Post those photos, videos and articles about the above topics right here of both 'Birds and other RV's to share and compare with the group.

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Old 06-30-2019
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Looked like the Dukes of Hazard. Only problem was it was all too real.

Sky Cheney
1998 43' LXi #F119728
Lansing, Michigan
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Old 07-01-2019
Don Meyer Don Meyer is offline
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Failed brakes? What a tragedy that MAY have been avoided if that SOB had been maintained properly.

This is why every 2 years I pull all brake drums on our coach. I completely disassemble the brakes, power wash everything, check S cam bushings, slack adjusters, hardware, etc. Give it any new parts it needs or looks suspicious, and grease all pivot points, S cams and slack adjusters upon reassembly.
(I hate squeaky brake parts)
Also check wheel seals. Any signs of leakage, I just replace them.

In our 11th year of full timing, so my brakes get used a lot more than most.
Plus, we often carry precious cargo. The GRANDCHILDREN! Gotta be sure they're safe at all times.

Don & Jane
86 PT38 8V92
Pop Pop's Bus
Jeep cherokee in
24' car hauler
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Old 07-01-2019
Keyne Keyne is offline
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Too bad they hit the ferry. Almost made it just in the water. Given where they were headed at that speed that would probably have been the best option to try and survive vs. hitting something else.

I think maybe I would have tried swerving to slow the vehicle down (similar to race cars that lose brakes they let the rear end go out to slow it down). Inducing a spin and going backwards into something may have saved the driver... Even rolling it might have been safer than running into some head on. Not too many options really once you know that is what is happening. The driver might have lived if he was just a bit to the left... lucky no one on the ferry was killed.
Kevin Dreese
Brookline, Massachusetts
WTB 31FC or 33FC SB
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Old 07-03-2019
Bearmtnmartin Bearmtnmartin is offline
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In BC we cannot take chances. There is an 11 per cent grade two miles from my house and I need to cross at least two mountain ranges to go East or North.

Not a substitute for getting under there and setting them up (buy a brake buddy, don't use a wrench), but the rule of thumb is 10 10 10. Ten miles an hour, ten pounds of air should stop you in ten feet.
And if you are descending a hill, go down in the same gear you went up and never use more than ten pounds of air. If you don't have an application gauge, install one.
Also, understand how the slack adjusters work. Lots of drivers have been killed because they backed the brakes off instead of tightening them. And just because you have auto slacks doesn't mean you don't have to check them. Lack of maintenance and grease will cause them to stop advancing and you are completely oblivious. So even with auto slacks learn to do a tug test.
Martin Sparkes
Agassiz, B.C.
1981 Bluebird Wanderlodge FC
Side Bath
3208NA (for now....)
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