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General Discussion of preventative/corrective maintenance and other technical issues regarding your coach that are not covered in other Mechanic's Corner categories (ex. refrigerators, water heaters, and compressors).

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Old 04-20-2010
chaunceyboyblu chaunceyboyblu is offline
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Default Bedroom florescent lighting in valance

Hello to all,

We have some lighting issues in the bedroom area we would like help with. There are upper and lower florescent lights that are controlled by 2 switches on the wall. It got to a point where the lights were no longer coming on, or flickering - especially the upper ones. Thinking that they all may be in line we purchased all new bulbs - 4 on each side, 2 different sizes. Now, the bottom ones work great, but none of the top ones don't come on at all.

Any ideas of what to check next? Could it be a bad switch? They don't come on from the bedroom headboard switch either.

Thanks so much!

Robert and Teri Rahn
1988 PT 40 wb
currently in Olympia, WA
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Old 04-20-2010
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
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More then likely a bad ballast. If your coach is like mine you have to remove the curtain and the track it slides on and then remove a couple screws to get the cover off of the lights. Inside there if my memory serves me correctly are the electrical "starters" or ballasts for the lights. Not a real easy place to get to. My coach has just one long fluorescent bulb each side but I don't think that makes too much difference in what you have to do to get at the source of your trouble. I had to get my lights down and out of the way to run some wires so I've been there and done that. Not for exactly the same reason.

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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Old 04-21-2010
doszorros's Avatar
doszorros doszorros is offline
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I agree with John's statement. If new bulbs don't fix the problem, it is probably ballast; particularly if you have had slow start or flickering problems.

You should be able to get suitable ballasts from an R/V parts store or online. They may not be exactly the same but if you get 12V DC ballasts for the same wattage, they should work.

2003 LXI dble. slide
Alaska & Mexico
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Old 04-21-2010
Stephen Stephen is offline
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we have ballasts on our website
Have a Great Day
Stephen Birtles

Email stephen@dupreeproducts.com
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Old 04-21-2010
Don Meyer Don Meyer is offline
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I had to replace the same ballast in my coach last year, NOT a fun job at all. I found one place that had the right ballast. Unfortunatly I can't remember the name. I looked all over the net to find that baby. When I finally found the distributor, they had had a fire a month before and didn't have the peice available. I found a BB that was peing parted out and grabbed the ballast from that one. A thorough search on line will find the place I found. If I can find the name of that supplie, I'll pas it on.

I DID search all RV supply houses. No one had it. They all have ballasts for the "mini" flourescent fixtures but noe that take the large diameter tube.

Don & Jane
86 PT38 8V92
Pop Pop's Bus
Jeep cherokee in
24' car hauler
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Old 04-22-2010
MRPutz's Avatar
MRPutz MRPutz is offline
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We need to get Fred with his 90SP36 to chime in here... He replace all his ballasts & tubes with LED lighting in the bedroom. It was very nice lighting, used less power, and gave off less heat. I think that would be a great upgrade and then don't have to worry about finding old parts to match.
Michael & Tami Putz
78FC35SB & 83FC35SB Wanderlodge - "Putz'n Around"
'90 GL1500 Goldwing | '67 VW Rail | '82 CJ5 Jeep
eMail=Mike.Putz@cox.net | Web=http://mikeputz.com/
Solar = https://www.solarpenny.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=257

FMCA #236459, Good Sam #17270530, Vintage Birds #1509
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Old 04-22-2010
'just wanderin?'s Avatar
'just wanderin? 'just wanderin? is offline
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Default Light-Emitting-Diodes...'heard about 'em, but...

it's true, LED lighting really is feasible now. In the (recent) past, they were too ugly (color temperature) and too expensive (still are, at all domestic retailers), but now you can find warm white lamps in all styles at reasonable prices IF you buy them direct from hong kong ebayers. Just search for "warm white LEDs" on ebay and you will see a few thousand to choose from in every configuration from bayonet base "drop in" replacements to five meter long strips for use in valences. Less current draw, way less heat, and ultimate reliability. Caution- stay with "warm white" only. Don't consider the "bright white", even though they put out more light per watt, because they are the blueish bulbs (like flashlights) that will make your coach look like throw up. I'll get my BlueBirdZoom photo page updated soon with what I did in my coach. I really think the time has come to stop waiting for LEDs!
Fred & Wendy Bellows
Payson, AZ (hour north of Phx)
SOB 2015 Sprinter van DIY conversion
"The Wunderlodge"
build blog info
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