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Old 12-26-2008
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Default Internet installed in the Bird

My 94 BMC has 4 antennas on the roof from the factory, 3 on the front, one on the back. Rear, and farthest forward are for the front/back AM/FM/stereo. Furthest back on the front - a CB ant. Middle on the front a Cell ant.

I replaced the existing unknown brand cell ant with a Wilson Truckers Cell Antenna.

I fed the cable from the cell ant to the lower front compartment just to the right of the drivers seat. I installed a Cyfre direct wire amplifier CA1819, hard wired to 12 volt, that the ant cable feeds into. ( I considered a wireless Cyfre amp - but ultimately went wired).

I installed a Cradlepoint MBR1000 modem/router/wifi. The cradlepoint is also powered by 12 volt.

A Verizon service, USB 727 broadband card plugs into the Cradlepoint, and the amp plugs into the ant port on the USB727. I am sitting in the house, connected to this system in the BB on the side yard (I secured the net with wifi security). Works great.

Verizon and Sprint both have a $60 5 GB per month limit before excess charges go into effect.

I now have a transportable 12 volt powered internet system that "should" work everywhere I can get Verizon cell service. The roof ant, and amp, will help me get a good signal as I travel. The Cradlepoint router lets me network my 2 laptops and HP printer in a wireless network.

Cyfre amp from: https://www.maximumsignal.net/
Ant, cradlepoint and USB 727 card from: http://3gstore.com/index.php?main_page=index

Verizon service info at: http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/s...+internet+plan

The 3g store can bundle the router and the USB card, and get the verizon service started if this interests you.

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Old 12-26-2008
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cool deal dan

i run alltel air card ( im just out of the area of the home of alltel)
i run a wilson amp and a trucker ant on the top of the house

i also have a trucker that i just stick in a window in the bird....

always have a great connection so far........last 2 yr

thinking of the router but when im gone i take the card so,,,,,,,,,

wi fi her puter off this 1
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Old 12-27-2008
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I use the USB 720 modem. It has an external antenna (about 5" tall with a magnetic base). The advantage of the USB modem is that it goes in any computer with a USB port -- so I can use it in both my lap top and desk top (that I carry on the coach). The antenna wire is about 12', so it can go out the window and, if necessary -- all the way to the top of the roof. Usually, I just set it inside one of the side windows and get satisfactory reception. If connections get flakey, then I move the antenna to the side of the coach just outside the window -- that often "does it" -- but in a few cases, when we've stayed at a location with poor reception, I've had to put the antenna on the roof.

I've debated getting a cell signal amplifier -- but in our experience, we just haven't stayed (that long) at that many places where there was unacceptable signal reception to make it worth it. I also note that Verizon (my carrier) has gotten better over the two years I've had the USB modem. Where I first had trouble getting a signal, I now get a strong signal -- and where I fell back to "national access" (slow speed) -- I'm now much more likely to get full "broadband access" speeds.

The only weird case was my recent stay in Idaho Springs, CO. The RV park is in a tight valley to the south of town about 3 miles off I-70. We were getting a weak, but useable signal for about 10 days (we were there 5 weeks) -- then we had a huge thunderstorm and I lost the signal. (Did a lightning strike take out a tower?) After a couple of days, I called Verizon and explained how I'd lost the signal -- and after about 48 hours, they reported back that my location was outside their coverage area... We never did get a usable signal there after the storm -- so I don't know why we were doing so well for the first 10 days! (In previous visits, we did not get a reliable signal there either.) So, cell signals can be a little odd at times...

What Dan has set up should provide a very useful signal in almost all locations.

Pete Masterson
(former) 95 WBDA 42'
(now) 2011 Roadtrek RS-Adventerous
Ridgefield, WA
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