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GOT CLEAN JOKES...add them here!! (MODERATED) If you have a good clean joke to share with us, please add them here, instead of pirating another persons thread. This is a MODERATED forum.

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Old 06-05-2016
Harold,Cat&Sam Harold,Cat&Sam is offline
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Default Pineapple for dogs

I ran across this today . It literally had us in tears with uncontrollable laughter .
I copied it and removed some of the language . This Was Not Sam

My dog, Pippet, goes absolutely bonkers for fruits and vegetables; gets more excited for baby carrots than bacon, more excited for spinach than steak, you get the idea. She gets them as treats and I always double-check the safety of new items.
There was a great deal on pineapples this weekend, so I bought one. As I was cutting it up, I gave Pippet a tiny nibble and she went into full-blown ‘gimme’ mode – pupils dilated, ears fully erect, slobber dripping. I jump on the computer to make sure pineapple is safe for dogs. I quickly browse the first paragraph of the first result, and it says that not only is pineapple safe, delicious, and nutritious, it also discourages dogs from eating their own poop. Awesome! So I give Pippet the pineapple core, it’s too hard for me to eat but for Pippet it’s basically a bone made of fruit. She loved it.
Have you ever been woken up by a smell? Just a smell, no noise, no movement, no breeze, just the smell of poop wafting into your room through the gap under the door? I roll over thinking the cat pooped on my pillow (again) (he has neurological issues) and the cat is gagging. This cat licks his own butthole and will sit in the litter box after pooping just to savor the flavor, so clearly this is not a cat-created scent if he’s gagging. It smells…faintly…spicy…and… *sniffsniff…. of….pineapple. Spicy Pineapple with hints of raw sewage. This can’t be good.
I open my bedroom door, and my eyes start watering as the raw sewage/pineapple scent hits in full force. I also hear very small little whines coming down the hallway. And there, in the living room, is my poor dog, huddled in her crate, surrounded by a scene of unimaginable, massive poop destruction. There is poop sprayed at least two feet out from her cage in every direction, including a foot up the glass door where it is dripping, like viscous yoo-hoo, down towards the floor. To accomplish getting poop on the glass door, she literally shat through the screen door - take a minute and process that. My dog pooped with such force and such liquidity that it passed through a screen door a foot above her poop-hole. My PhD in poop physics is telling me this should be impossible, but the physical evidence is to the contrary.
To keep the story short, I had to carry her poopy self to the tub and use Q-tips to get the poop out of her ears (obviously more poop-y voodoo-y magic). I used up every wet wipe and every rag and then had to use more q-tips to get poop out of the cracks in the hardwood floors (original hardwood floors from a factory built in the 1910’s that will probably never fully recover from this night). The crate and screen door are still out on the balcony…I think they will have to be hosed down… or burned. I got about 3 hours of sleep, I’ll decide later when I’m more cognizant. I tried to eat the rest of the pineapple this morning and gagged.
Turns out the 2nd paragraph of the article that I only read the 1st paragraph of, warned about the danger of feeding too much pineapple, or the pineapple core, to dogs. The core can lead to ‘fiber balls’ in the digestive tract, leading to a back-up, and ‘explosive consequences’. I really messed up by not reading that 2nd paragraph.
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