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LX and LXI (Unique Issues) If you have a unique issue with your LX or LXI model coach and it can't be answered in one of the other forums here, then this is where you can list it, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THOSE ISSUES INVOLVED WITH ANY LAWSUIT.....list your LX and LXI Parts here too.

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Old 04-07-2019
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Randy Dupree Randy Dupree is offline
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Default Power steering hose issues,breakdown at walmart

The Brookshires have been here at the warehouse for a few days and they left today at the crack of 11.
Off to walmart to get fuel,and then back here to get their jeep and then on to the home 20.
They were gone maybe 20 minutes and my phone rang.
Its Jim,and he says "we have a problem".
His 2001 lxi has blown a power steering hose,at the fuel island at walmart.

I got Carol and Donna Bragdon to gather up some brooms and shovels and they ran to the auto parts store and got oil dry.
Meanwhile Mark and i checked out my coach,so we had an idea what tools we would need and to try and get an idea on the hose.
It blew about 2 feet from the pump,and we checked to see if that hose was a short hose or just what.
It turns out its a one piece hose,front to back.

OK,so the end on the pump is easy,now we need to check on what we needed to get the hose off of the steering box.
Jims coach has had the squirrel cage fan removed and has a car fan on the genny rad,thats a good thing,we have room to work,the steering box is above and beyond the genny rad.

We determine yes,we can get the hose off,but if we had a special wrench it would be easier,so i built a wrench in a few minutes and we were off to walmart,with the first stop at Oriellys auto parts.

I go into the parts store and told them i need a hose,with this fitting and that fitting,and 60 feet long.
The guys says 6 feet?
I say no,60 feet.
we made it extra long,since we were going to do some creative routing of the hose,all of this at the fuel island at walmart.
They had just enough hose and we were off,11;59am.

Once at walmart we hook the engine end up first,and then routed the hose along the side of the bus and zip tied it to the awning hooks,we ran it to the front where mark was working on removing the old hose from the steering box.
With the quick and dirty custom wrench he had it off in no time,then we had to feed the new hose up and around and connected it to the steering box.
Its very tight in that area and lots of wires plus the old hose was making it fun.
It was tough,Marks hand cramped up,i took a turn,i got cramps,Jim got under the bus and somehow he got the hose started on the fitting and i got it tightened.
WE filled the fluid,moved the bus and cleaned up the mess,as best we could.
It was 1 oclock when we pulled out of walmart.
we made the repair in an hour,well,good enough to get the coach back here anyway.
We have pics,and will post them in the morning.
The hose cost us $585 bucks...
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 04-07-2019
Georgeb Georgeb is offline
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You are the man
George Brown
Owensboro, Ky
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Old 04-07-2019
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Crit Bliss Crit Bliss is offline
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Sorry Jim, sorry everyone!
Crit Bliss
Cape Cod,ma
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Old 04-07-2019
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atckip atckip is offline
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I had this happen a couple years ago. You have to run a new hose
800 bucks was my damage. I guess I did good with the price of the hose. I also found out it's darned near impossible to turn 42K without PS. Glad to see the WOG family in action!
Kip Henry
95 WB42 S-60
88 WB40 2010/14
Brooks, GA
Kip Cindy & Cody
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Old 04-07-2019
Jim Brookshire Jim Brookshire is offline
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Many thanks to Randy, Carol, Mark, Donna, and “Big Momma” aka Nancy (thanks John Finn for the name). It was Nancy’s idea to run the temporary line along the outside of the coach, saving us much time and trouble trying to run it underneath. Maybe that will save me a little from the “big momma” comment. WOG to the rescue again.
Jim Brookshire
2001 LXI
Saluda, NC
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Old 04-07-2019
Silver Eagle Silver Eagle is online now
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Location: Swainesboro
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Great Work Guys-

Randy- Can you tell us why the hose developed a leak two feet from pump?
Age, rubbing on frame,

I have the same coach and year- sure would like to know if it could have been prevented- Thanks

Just arrived home from an 7 day 800 mile run-
Only issue was a turbo hose clamp gave way on I-10 in Jacksonville -
Lost all boast -

About an hour later-rolling with two 4 inch clamps
Boast 35psi-

Happy Camper-

Matthew Daniel
Swainesboro, Georgia
Silver Eagle
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Old 04-07-2019
Silver Eagle Silver Eagle is online now
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Sorry -
My LXI is a 2000 , not 2001
Matthew Daniel
Swainesboro, Georgia
Silver Eagle
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Old 04-08-2019
GregOC GregOC is offline
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Run the new hose over single strand 100foot galvanized fence wire . Pull 45 foot of wire forward. Fish the galvanized wire thru a new path. Push the hose forward. Pull the wire. We have onsite hose guys west.
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Old 04-08-2019
rshrimp rshrimp is offline
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If your gonna break down, Bainbridge is the spot! Been there done that with a week old coach!
Randy and Sonya Shrimplin
FMCA# F457849
Livin' the dream, next door to the Drysdale's in Beverly Hills FL!
Birdless for now.
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Old 04-08-2019
fastdancin fastdancin is online now
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One thing about WOG: You never get "hosed" (c'mon, admit it; I wasn't the only one thinkin' that).

Carmine Pacchino
Ft Myers Beach, FL
'83 PT35
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