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Old 11-30-2011
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I remember trying to start my pickup one cold day at the park. Wouldn't go at all. Battery was fairly new, so I didn't suspect that.
Visual inspection showed the positive battery clamp had broken. Screwdriver wouldn't work. Had a pair of vice grips in my small toolbox I carried. Was able to apply enough pressure on the clamp with the vice grips. Had to be sure the vice grips were not near anything metal, and it got me home fine.
Didn't take any pictures for the album, though. Thinking back to this, it was likely before digital cameras.
Bill & Ann Tarrier
1996 WB WL
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Old 11-30-2011
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on an old mack we had you used a broomstick to hold the terminal on what was left of the battery post
Have a Great Day
Stephen Birtles

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Old 12-01-2011
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Originally Posted by rrueckwald View Post
Here's two pix. One shows the switch installed for the chassis batteries, which I leave off when parked more than a day or two. The other shows the fuse holders installed for the inverters and the house battery switch. The original BB method of mounting the fuses was an accident waiting for a little more vibration, about 1/8" to a dead short.

At first I thought there was a speck of dirt in one of your engine bay photos, but after checking further I discovered it was on my computer screen

I really like your setup and both the switch and fuse holders seem to be just what I need. Do you remember where you bought them?

As of two days ago, I am officially "in residence" at Coachworx until after the rally, except for a side trip to South Florida on the 15th - 21st. Let's get together for drinks or lunch or coffee etc. when you're in the area.

As far as the roadside screwdriver "fix", my bet is that it is still riding around like that several months later.
Jim Nichols
'93 PT40WB
"Hospitality Coach"
(Previously Pair of Jacks)
Saint Petersburg, FL
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Old 12-01-2011
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Ha, ha, ha.

I stopped by yesterday but the car was gone and the Jack Russell was standing watch.

I had Parliament install the fuse holders, although now I would do it myself. I bought the switches from them, the same switches they used on their Prevost conversions, so I figured probably okay. I made the brackets and installed them myself. Here is an excerpt from my coach data record:

"The chassis batteries were wired to one post, but a smaller wire was wired to another post, directly from the battery, supposedly to give cleaner power to the ECM. This was changed to wire the second post through a double pole switch so that the battery bank may be completely disconnected. Cole-Hersee 2PST p/n 75907. Good for continuous 300 amps, 2000 amps for 30 seconds. The smaller pole is good for 20 amps continuous.
NB: DO NOT TURN OFF THE BATTERY SWITCH WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING, or the spike will blow the regulator.

The coach battery banks were each wired to the same terminal on the shunt. This was revised to wire the banks to a new post, then to the switch, then a heavier wire to the shunt. Cole-Hersee 2PST p/n 75908. Switch is good for continuous 300 amps, and 2000 amps for 30 seconds.

See you soon.
Ron & Dorinda Rueckwald
St. Joseph, MI
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