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Default Wal Mart Overnight Parking & Diesel Fuel Locations

Here is a 47 pages PDF file of Wal Marts locations that show where you can and cannot park overnight at, it also shows which ones have diesel available at their gas stations, if you go inside the main store and purchase a Wal Mart Shopping card you will get 3ยข off of the price on the pump for your fuel when you use that shopping card to pay for your fuel.

Wanderlodge Owners Group > Links, Files, Old Yahoo Forum Database and Downloads > Manuals and Files Stored in This Forums Software DATABASE > Index of Downloaded Manuals and Files in Forums Software Database > FILES & DIRECTORIES> Walmart_Parking_and_..> 330k

I usually call ahead if I know which Wal Mart I plan on stopping at to see if they still allow overnight parking, they will usually indicate where in the parking lot they want you to park. If I just stop at a Wal Mart on the way without calling ahead, I always go inside the store to Customer Service and ask them if it is OK to park overnight, there usually are signs posted that will say NO OVERNIGHT PARKING ALLOWED at the Wal Marts that do not allow overnight parking, don't confuse this with the NO OVERNIGHT TRUCK PARKING signs they are intended for trucks and not RV's, but to be safe go inside and check with them, or call ahead if you can.

I also use http://maps.google.com/maps and by finding on the list the zip code of the Wal Mart that I want to stop at, I enter the words Wal Mart and the zip code, then when the Satellite view loads

I then scroll in close and look for the best way to enter the Wal Mart in question, I usually try to find the way the trucks are routed to the loading docks and enter that way, you can even go down to a street view on most of them to get an even better look. This way if you haven't been there before you won't be surprised by difficult turns in their parking lot.

When Staying at Walmart, Don't Forget Your Etiquette;

Many of those new to RVing are surprised when they learn that other RV'ers actually "stay overnight" at Walmart stores or on the parking lots of other businesses. It just seems inconceivable. But believe it: Many Walmart stores find RVers to be excellent sleep-over companions, after all, next morning they're in to make a few purchases before being off on their way.

At the same time, there are factions who don't like the idea. Some who think that their own businesses are losing money because an RVer hasn't paid to stay at their RV park. A lot of hullabaloo goes on in the news when local government officials try to legislate RVers into RV parks and out of parking lots. The common "reason" given is that RVing overnight in a parking lot is unsanitary, unsafe, etc. The backlash from even talking about such ordinances is usually swift: RVers threaten to simply bypass towns with such laws and take their tourist dollars with them.

If you're trip planning and wondering about staying at Walmart, be sure to get a copy of the definitive book on where you can't stay at Walmart: Walmart Stores That DO NOT Allow Overnight RV Parking, available at the RV Bookstore. Check it out at http://rvbookstore.com/shop/detail.aspx?m=2&p=205

One of the largest RV organizations, Escapees, who are dedicated to supporting the needs of fulltime RVers, has published a list of things to keep in mind when considering "pavement parking," or "blacktop boondocking." The suggestions are reasonable, and go a long way to making RVers more welcome. Those suggestions boil down as follows:

Don't make an "overnight" into multiple nights. Nothing gives more fuel to the RV park owner's fire than to see the same rig in the same spot for more than a few hours.

Ask first. Unless otherwise posted, many WalMarts welcome RVing friends, but a quick check at the service counter will yield an answer you can respond to critics with. Often stores will have areas they'd prefer we stay in, typically farther away from the store to allow in-and-out customers easier access.

Don't put out your awnings, barbecue grills, loungers, etc. The idea is to put in overnight, get a little rest, and be gone.

Hydraulic levelers can damage asphalt. Seek out a level spot so you won't need them.

Don't leave anything--other than your dollars--behind. Some RVers go out of their way to pick up trash left in the area by others. Certainly we'd never want to leave trash--or worse--behind when we leave.
Originally Posted by iamflagman View Post
The following message was sent to me via the Wanderlodge Owners Group Contact Us form by Bill Halberstadt


A Google search led me to a posting in one of your forums and a download link at: <http://www.wanderlodgeownersgroup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6669>
The download link is to the file "Walmart Parking and Fuel 4_29-09", which is one in a constantly updated sequence of such files which I produce.

I do the research and production of the Walmart parking files out of only a desire to make this information readily available to RVers, and it is always free (although copyrighted). However, copying and posting just one specific issue of the file can be counter-productive. I would much rather that a link be posted to a place where the RVers can always get the latest version.

Toward that end, I have recently put up a web site that is meant to serve as a starting point or index to available information on the subject of Walmart overnight RV parking (including of course the list).

Please take a look at the site at:
http://web.me.com/WLHalberstadt/Walmart and consider posting a link to that site for anyone interested in the subject. I would also appreciate it if you could take down the out-of-date file mentioned above.

Bill Halberstadt
Newark, DE


Thanks Bill we appreciate all of your efforts and again here is the link http://web.me.com/WLHalberstadt/Walmart

Also read;

Wanderlodge Owners Group > Takin' it Easy > Under The Awning > Wal Mart
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