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First-Timers and Newcomers Are you a first-timer, newcomer, or even a "wannabe"? This is the place to get your questions anwered.

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Old 08-15-2017
NH Bill's Avatar
NH Bill NH Bill is offline
1983 FC 35 "Casa Billisa"
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: St. Petersburg
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No problem running Cruise Air units going down the road. We've been down some pretty hot roads for long hours in the hottest of summers and managed to stay pretty comfortable with two units running.

I heard or read somewhere that rolling over hot pavement will cause them to be less efficient because the heat from the pavement will convect to the compressors (can't imagine its any different than the heat cooking the roof airs). Even so, it wouldn't be too hard to put some hard board insulation under the bottom shelf of the compressor units.

NH Bill
Bill and Lisa Garamella
83 FC-35 SB "Casa Billisa"
2006 Jeep Liberty CRD
St. Petersburg, Florida
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Old 08-16-2017
Turbokitty's Avatar
Turbokitty Turbokitty is offline
Timberlake Products Group
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Location: Clearwater
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If spending an extra $3.00/hr on top of $24.00/hr (fuel costs) running down the road in comfort (A/C verse no A/C) is a deal breaker then... open your windows, har!

Ribbing aside, we run our generator all of the time cruising down the road. It is nice to have a comfortable coach from front to back including the bathroom. And yes, we occasional open the windows too

Most people don't "remove" their dash A/C unit either, just the compressor generally speaking. The rest is too much of a PITB!

Ryan and Michelle Saari
1985 PT36
1983 FC35RB Left me for Atlanta!
Clearwater, Florida

My Ebay store:http://stores.ebay.com/Timberlake-Pr...oup?rmvSB=true

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Old 08-16-2017
dmurdock's Avatar
dmurdock dmurdock is offline
Senior Member
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Location: Cedar Park
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Once it gets over about 80 degrees outside (which here in TX is all the time except Dec-Jan), I run the generator and at least one AC. It's good for the generator to get a good workout and since we almost never dry-camp having the generator running while driving down the road keeps it in shape (and the wife/kid cool).
DuWayne & Shannon Murdock
Cedar Park, Texas
1995 BMC37
1984 FC35RB Sold
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Old 08-16-2017
technomage99 technomage99 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: bolton
Posts: 279
Default My opinion: Dash air is ok for moderate temps

Gang: I might have been lucky because of the low hours and miles on my coach (I'm 4th owner). I was able to replace the compressor and recharge the system with R134A (probably took an efficiency hit). I did not try to find the "expansion valve/orfice" because I was in a time crunch and had to put everything back together. The next year I discovered a slow leak from a Shrader valve (in either the high or low side line). It just need a tighten. I put caps on both anyway with o-rings inside (for insurance). When Ron the mechanic unscrewed the cap to put the gages on, he heard a "hiss". That was a dead giveaway! The system needed a can of freon to get back to work with the high an low pressures in the right range.

If (and when) I start to get leaks in dash air the system, I will definitely setup a pressure test "jig" (conglomeration of parts) that will allow pressure checking the entire system section by section at ~200psi. Flex hoses will probably be the next culprit.

Last summer my lil Onan/Kubota diesel wore out its water-pump bearing, so I couldn't use anything other than dash A/C. While I had eveyrthing apart for for water pump swap, I replaced/fixed a few other things that offended me in that area. It's nice to have common parts available.
1989 SP36
Bolton, Ct.
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Old 08-16-2017
propellanttech's Avatar
propellanttech propellanttech is offline
Wanna B Bird Owner
Join Date: Apr 2017
Location: Hueytown
Posts: 209

The extra fuel costs are a irritation, but being in an oven is a bigger deal than the costs.

I figured the generator was going to be the solution, because if there were any other reasonable way, the members here would be doing it. The people in this forum seem pretty sharp when it comes to solutions and knowledge.

Things being as they are, none of this is a deal breaker, but trying to find all the nuances of owning a "bird".

It should be stated, I do not own a motor home of any type, and never have.

I appreciate all the input.
James L
Hueytown, AL
2011 BMW R1200RT (Mine)
Nimbus 3000 (Wife's)
Casually Looking for PT35-36 while waiting on funding
Or possibly a rally nice FC33-35 as a second choice.
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Old 08-18-2017
markkitch markkitch is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Athens
Posts: 182

15 years ago I owned a 1979 XV, took the family down to South Padre Island. On the way down one of the Cruise airs went out. We camped for 2 days, had a great time, then another went out. We still had one Cruise air that we ran full blast it kept the humidity down which made it tolerable on the inside. The campground had no shade. Then we had no Cruise airs, no A/C. It was 100% humidity and 95 degrees outside and 125 degrees inside. We lasted only hours. The wife rented a car packed up the daughters and headed home. I drove 10 hours in the early morning, even with the windows down a Wanderlodge is a great big heat sink in the sun. My point is a generator running down the road powering those A/C's is a good thing. Burning a couple of extra gallons of diesel per hour in the greater scheme of things (overall budget) is a non-issue. Comfort is a mighty good thing.

mark kitchens
Athens, Tx
1995 WB42
C: 214 477 3757
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Old 08-18-2017
technomage99 technomage99 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: bolton
Posts: 279
Default 2ND THAT MARK!

Yes: You kinda want the generator behaving itself for the "awful days".

One of the reasons I bought my 89SP36 was that it seemed "over-designed by crazed NASA engineers".

Lets see: (2) roof A/C units (with electric heat strips) (3) propane furnaces, (3) electric furnaces, (1) electric bathroom heater under the counter, Dash/cockpit A/C from the engine A/C
compressor, Dash/cockpit heat via HW from the engine, coach heat via HW from the engine.

The generator will drive ALL the coach heaters AND the electric domestic HW heater with power to spare! The two A/C units are not much of a load.

I have my coach parking spot wired so that I can use the Wanderlodge
generator to power my whole house in a pinch which I have had to do a few times. It'll easily drive house central air and an electric dryer simultaneously (everything else is much lower power).

Am I a "prepper" and/or just a belt and two or three sets of suspenders kinda guy?

I know one guy who added a diesel fuel fired furnace for Dash and coach heat on top of all that.
1989 SP36
Bolton, Ct.
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Old 09-03-2017
badandy badandy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: delavan
Posts: 509

For what it's worth, my old Perkins/Kohler 12.5kw generator uses 0.93 gallons per hour with all 3 of the old A/C's on max (all compressors verified on), 2 of the 3 electric heaters on, and the oven warming up to 400F. I checked it 3 times to make sure, and it was dead on every time.
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