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Old 12-18-2012
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Originally Posted by irmagoo View Post
was it a big project to change pick-up/cars?? did you have to change comp. ratio or would they have run with stock comp??, i've alway been interested that as you still see some pick ups with big lp tank in back...mike
Like Rick said,they used twice the LPG.
It was not a big deal to change them over,but i was in my 20's,nothing was a big deal back then!
We ran a dual fuel setup,propane and gas.
We added a LPG tank in the bed,and a heater for the propane and the carb thing,on top of the gas carb.
We built the high compression engines later,trying to get the mileage up.
Even though the engines used more LPG than gasoline we still saved gas.
Reason being all the drivers were stealing gas out of the trucks.
It was hard to keep up with all the theft until Thomas and his brother set up a credit card gas station,it gave me a read out every month on how much gas was used,miles driven,and other info.
That info had to be plugged in to the gas pump before delivery of gas to the hose.
Every truck had a unit number and a gas card for that unit.

Heres how it would go down:
I would be sitting in the break room when the drivers came in for the day.
I would be reading this printout and making notes.
The driver would ask what i was doing.
I would show him the printout on his truck,showing him where his truck was only getting 1 MPG!
Then i would tell him to use a spare truck so I could rebuild the carb on his truck,and give it a tune up.

The next day he would take the spare truck,i would park his truck in the "healing area" with the hood up.
I never touched the engine.
The next day the driver got his truck back and at the end of the week we were getting 10MPG!
The driver would tell me how good it was running,and how he could see the difference in MPG.

The only vehicle that suffered from worse mileage was his personal truck!

This was the politically correct way to tune up the driver,without accusing him of stealing gas.
Ohh the games we play..
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 12-18-2012
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Like I have said before, I have a 2003 VW diesel. It has averaged 42+mpg over 98,000 miles winter, summer, road and city driving. Best car I ever owned. If diesel cars were not penalized in the US they would be as popular as in Europe. 70% of the cars in EU are diesel. A diesel hybrid would push 80-90 mpg easy. EPA keeps changing diesel emission standards to make it harder to stay compliant so gasoline sales won't stall. Mazda is supposed to come out with two models of diesel cars in early 2013, but it will surprize me if they make it here. Subaru also has a great diesel car with flat four engine but not imported into US. Oil companies are evil. I can remember diesel for 10.9 cents as a kid when gas was 17.9 cents or so. No matter how much oil we have it will not get cheaper in the future. I'm just sayin'.

Rick in Ohio

1980 FC35, 1961 PD4106 GMC SN:326 Charter member of the Two Bus Club for now
I am in Toledo, Ohio
Rick Gunther
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Old 12-19-2012
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Got diesel in Texas last week for 3.43/9, at a place called Buc-ees, in Luling. They also have a place in New Braunfels.
Steve Gureasko
90WBWL40 "Jus Chillin"
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