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Old 07-01-2008
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Default FUEL PRICES (Post the Location and Price)

Now you can find a link to all of the major truck stops current fuel prices right here.

- Diesel fuel prices at the major truck stops

TODAY's Fuel prices by clicking the truck stop logos above.

Originally Posted by inflt View Post
Always looking to save money, I have been looking for a "gas buddy" equivalent for diesel fuel. I like this one. Plug in your trip and it shows prices along the way.


Originally Posted by DTW1086@cox.net View Post
Not sure where you are but in my area Gas Buddy has Diesel prices listed.
At the top of the list of stations and prices there are 3 tabs, REGULAR, PREMIUM, DIESEL,just click on diesel.
Don't feel bad, I had to email
Gas Buddy to find it myself.
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Old 06-09-2009
rob rob is offline
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Angry fuel prices

Well its summer and here we go again. The folks on wall street want your money real bad. Here in NM its 2.50 for gas, 2.45 for diesel
Rob Davis
Rio Rancho (rancho malario) NM
69 gasser 31 feet, 391 ford, Baby its slow outside!!!!:D
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Old 06-09-2009
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As usual, here in Eureka, CA we are around the top for the nation. $3.15 for regular, and $2.89 for diesel. Roughly 80% of stations identical price (two distributors own all of the 80%) with the rest within a couple of cents. Exception is Costco, which is $2.99 for gas.

Last year at this point gas was $4.45 and diesel was higher than that!
Don Bradner
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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Prior: 2004 M380 Double Slide
Prior: 1990 WB40 "Blue Thunder"
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Old 06-09-2009
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Here in Southwestern Lower Michigan, gas is 2.83 diesel is 2.49.

Cheaper to drive the bus everyday to work I tell my wife
Aaron and Deb Wimbush
Bridgman, MI
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Old 06-09-2009
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A few short months ago a local Shell station had diesel for $1.99! Only lasted 2 days though. About 3 weeks ago diesel was $2.18. Now it is $2.49/$2.54. Yes, better than last summer @$4.60 but summer has only just begun! It has been said that greed and fear make the world go around. Just wait until oil and gold are traded in euro's and not the good ol' US dollar as it is today, then we will see major inflation overnight and oil at $200.00/barrel. I think I will be making my bird into a 5th bedroom!

Ryan and Michelle Saari
Timberlake Products Group, Inc.
1985 PT36
1983 FC35RB Left me for Atlanta!
Clearwater, Florida
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Old 06-10-2009
guysmalley guysmalley is offline
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I have been loving the Biodiesel I have been processing with recycled Methanol, 47 cents a gal not counting my time. I have arrangement with 5 people that bring me their waste veggie oil and I process it split the finish fuel minus cost of chemicals. We won the Haywood County clean award LOL. but the bird is 100% BD and all my vehicles are too
( except the Rat rod)

86 pt 40
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Old 06-10-2009
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Diesel Fuel here in So Cal where our home is, is priced $2.65 and up. I travel to AZ at least twice a month with my Cummins Diesel (non BB) and buy at least 90 gallons of diesel there for 45 cents a gal. or less than at our home front. AZ is slow to increase fuel price and also slow to lower fuel prices when compared to CA. Makes it interesting keeping the BB topped off.
Curt Sprenger
1987 PT38 8V92 "MacAttack Racing"
1974 FC31 534 gas engine, air brakes (sold)
Anaheim Hills, Calif.
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Old 06-13-2009
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I have had a habit of buying fuel whenever I can first thing in the morning when the ambient temperature is lower, but sometimes I am forced to fill up later in the day, so this article and the others found in the link at the end made very intersting reading.

Read about Temperature Corrective Fuel below from http://www.oilwatchdog.org/?topicName=Hot%20Fuel;
Consumer Group Applauds Costco for Deal to Sell 'Fair Fuel,' Ending Hot Fuel Ripoff

Agreement for Costco Gas Stations Would Adjust Fuel for Temperature in Several States

Oil Companies Will be 'Making Fairness Illegal' if They Try to Stop Costco Deal, says Consumer Watchdog
CONTACT: Judy Dugan, 213-280-0175 (cell), or 310-392-0522, ext. 305
April 23, 2009
Santa Monica, CA -- Costco has agreed to settle a lawsuit over the sale of “hot gasoline,” becoming the first U.S. gasoline retailer to do so and setting a possible national precedent, said Consumer Watchdog. The group applauded the discount chain and urged others to break ranks with the oil industry and sell “fair fuel.”

“This is fantastic news for consumers,” said Judy Dugan, research director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer Watchdog. “Costco is taking the lead in offering drivers gasoline that has the same amount of energy in every gallon, living up to its reputation as a consumer-friendly place to shop.”

See the details of the proposed agreement, the “Stipulation of Class Action Settlement”.
The agreement affects Costco motor fuel sales in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. The deal, if fully approved, would go fully into effect within five years. Costco would install temperature-sensing pumps that slightly adjust the amount of fuel to same energy content in each gallon. Such pumps are almost universally used in Canada and increasingly in Europe.

Today’s action is just the first big step toward a final settlement involving Costco, and will likely face ferocious opposition from oil companies and bigger name-brand refiners and retailers. The fuel lobby this month pushed Virginia legislators into at least temporarily banning temperature-adjusted sales.

“Oil and fuel lobbyists who try to intimidate state and national regulators into stopping Costco will be trying to make fairness illegal,” said Dugan. “This is the rear-guard action of an industry that is already seen as completely untrustworthy.”

Fairness is the point, said Consumer Watchdog. When the temperature of gasoline rises above 60 degrees, gasoline expands but gas pumps don't account for the bigger volume, so consumers receive less gasoline than they should. When motorists buy gasoline, they have no idea what the fuel temperature is, even though adjacent stations can vary by 15 degrees. For every 15-degree rise in temperature, 1% of the fuel is lost to expansion. Some big gas stations and truck stops keep their fuel aboveground, in tanks painted flat black. They don't paint them black for convenience--it's a perverted use of solar energy to keep the fuel hot, said Consumer Watchdog.

A 2% expansion of gasoline at 90 degrees, at even $3.00 a gallon, is a $1.20 loss on a 20-gallon fill-up. At $4 a gallon, the loss is $1.60. The loss to all drivers nationally adds up to $3 billion or more. California drivers alone lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hot fuel.
Listen to Consumer Watchdog’s podcast about Costco’s move.

See more background and information on hot fuel.
The deal, if finalized, will remove Costco from national and state class action lawsuits by drivers--and by truckers, who can lose hundreds of dollars to hot fuel each year.

Costco has long been willing to consider selling gasoline adjusted at the pump to deliver the same amount of energy in every gallon. There were rumors back to late 2007 that Costco was talking with California regulators about being fair to drivers. The company backed down, clearly under industry pressure. At the time, Consumer Watchdog wrote a letter to Costco Chairman James Sinegal encouraging him to sell temperature-adjusted gasoline.

Read the letter here.
Costco, which usually undercuts the competition on gasoline prices anyway, obviously thinks the cost of installing temperature adjusting pumps—which comes to hundredths of a penny per gallon over the life of a pump, according to the California Energy Commission--is worth it, said Consumer Watchdog.

Consumer Watchdog also recently charged that a conflict of interest affected the outcome of the California Energy Commission’s study on the costs and benefits of fixing the “hot fuel” ripoff in the state. James Boyd, the energy commissioner who led the study, is the spouse of the chief lobbyist for the Western States Petroleum Association, whose most powerful members oppose fixing hot fuel.

See letter to Commissioner James Boyd.

See links to documents showing influence.

Although the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission ultimately stated that Boyd did not have a conflict of interest, it was on the technical grounds that Mrs. Boyd’s direct employer, and Mrs. Boyd, would not foreseeably suffer a loss of income because of the hot fuel study.

“The battle in the California Energy Commission over the effects of hot fuel may foreshadow a battle against Costco’s decision to be fair in its sale of gasoline,” said Dugan. “Ultimately, that battle will damage the already bottom-feeding reputation of oil companies more than it will save them from cheating consumers of a few cents a gallon. They should give it up before their public approval rating hits zero.”

Read more related articles;

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Old 06-13-2009
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I doubt there is a big temperatrue swing with an underground tank. The main cause for a significant rise is from the delivery truck. The guy who gets taken is the station owner when a truck of hot gasoline delivers to his underground tank, then it cools down. So the whole system needs to be controlled to make it work. I would be really surprised if you could get 90 degree gasoline from an underground tank that wasn't recently filled.
Gardner Yeaw
86 PT-36 Golden Memories
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Ridgewood, New Jersey
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Old 06-13-2009
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the pump does not care what the temp is . There is a compensating valve in the pump it also protects the gouger in the winter when the fuel is cold increasing the amount of gas pumped when the volume is higher.
this valve equals out the year so when you request agallon you get a gallon regardless of the temperature
Have a Great Day
Stephen Birtles

Email stephen@dupreeproducts.com
Telephone 888 668 4288
cell 716 220 1267
Please use email or telephone to contact
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