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Caterpillar 3208 Solutions This sub-forum is hosted by Mike Hohnstein who has been at this kind of thing for 50+ years now, guess I'm addicted. The saga has been all about progressively larger shop space since then. Honestly, never wanted to get into the CAT 3208's that were originally considered to be a throwaway engine but that's all that works in a FC in my world. Same thing with my Ford toter, that came with a NA, too much effort to hang in a 6, so been at it with the CAT V-8 for 20 years now. In reality you can get excellent life out of a CAT 3208 if it's built correctly. Post your questions about the CAT 3208 engines here and Mike will try to help you out.

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Old 01-07-2020
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Same thing happened to me it was the cannon plug under the dash. reach up underneath the right hand side of the steering wheel and start wiggling the wires to see if that turns it off . 1 wire inside my Canon plug was corroded so I wired around it that controlled my fuel shut off look like many people tried to figure it out and it was an ongoing problem
Gene Mehr
Marcia Mehr
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Old 01-07-2020
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Ditto about the fuel shut off solenoid, easy to bypass in a pinch, (eg. if it won’t restart.) there really isn’t much else that can possibly cause your problem.

solenoid uses constant 12V dc voltage to electromagnetically pull a steel plunger up out of the IP housing. Allowing the engine to run. Any loss in power (key off, or gremlin) plunger falls, engine loses fuel supply.

Solenoid gets *hot* during use(key on), be careful messing with it if engine was on recently... vertical cylinder due aft of the alternator.

I replaced mine and bought a spare needlessly, so now I have 2 extra... ymmv... (PSA; the cheap ones on eBay have flimsy terminals, (I gorilla’d mine into bits. but it still works.))

-Dennis (direct email please! dennis@wanderlodgeowner.com)
Hesperia, California

1987 FC31 “A Rare Bird”
(300HP 3208TA/ZF)

2007 Grand Cherokee CRD, 28’ Wells Cargo Express Wagon
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Old 01-09-2020
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I guess this weekend I’ll start shaking wires. I kind of figured it was something like that. If I can’t make it replicate I’ll just wire in a relay to cut down on the voltage drop
Andrew Ellis
Fitzpatrick, Alabama
1983 FC35 "Miss Wanderbug"
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