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Various questions about vehicle issues answered here
  • I'm having problems getting my Propane tank filled at some stations, what can I do?
    There seems to be some confusion or misinterpretation of the code concerning onboard propane tanks that do not have an OPD (Overflow Protection Device) installed on them, which gives a cause for some propane filling stations to refuse to fill them. This link will take you to a PDF file that hopefully will help to clear this issue up. You can save it to your hardrive on your computer and also print a copy of it to carry with you and by showing it to the filling station attendant may change their mind about not filling your tank.
  • I'm thinking about purchasing a used 'Bird, is there any guide that will help me check this thing out before I pay for it?
    Here is a link to a CHECKLIST that you can print out and take with you, that is an excellent guide of what to look for on a used 'Bird, it is located on the VINTAGE 'BIRDS web site, I took a copy with me when I flew from South Carolina to Texas to purchase my 'Bird, I also was given some names of forum members to help me check this thing out, as I was not familiar with all of the systems on a 'Bird and the gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable and he wouldn't take any fee for doing so, other than his meals and he spent an entire day with me. There are also forum member that will for a fee, will go to where your potential 'Bird is located at and do a complete check up and then give you a written inspection report on that 'Bird that you are thinking of buying, just post a question about that on the forum and you should get a reply from one of them.
  • Is there a web site that will provide me with the most current fuel prices across the country?
    I have traveled extensively both in my professional over the road career, as well as in my 'Bird after I retired and I have always used this web site. The fuel prices are updated for the most part daily and the web site is the most accurate that I have found, just follow the instructions near the top of the web page, by clicking on the different major truck stop icons, to see their current pricing on diesel fuel, gas and propane.
  • One of my air conditioners stopped working all of a sudden, where should I start looking
    At the air conditioners, I always leave the controls in the on position and I know that I have had my air conditioners either stop or start when I hadn't turned them on or off at the air conditioners myself and what I found out was I had inadvertently bumped the wall switch next to the drivers seat that control the air conditioners on my '82 FCRB model 'Bird. You can see the three wall switches in this photo of my drivers seat, they are located just below the window and there are three of them, one for each air conditioner on my 'Bird. I believe that some model 'Birds the switches were moved to somewhere in the overhead panels, which helped elevate this problem, but they still can be bumped with a shoulder or a misplaced hand with the same results.
  • What does the Winter/Summer switch do?
    Read this series of WANDERLODGE forum posts explaining what the switch does and how it functions. be sure to scroll down to the bottom to read all of the related posts on this subject. By doing a SEARCH in the MESSAGES section of the forum, of the word SPORLAN VALVE will give you even more related information on the topic.
  • Is there a safe in my 'Bird, if so where is it located and how do I open it?
    I found the safe in my 'Bird an '82 FCRB model, under the dinette seat cushion. I had to remove the wooden panel that was covering it and since I had no combination for it, I took the 'Bird to a local locksmith and he opened it for me, then I had the combination reset to a number that I could remember. This link will take you to a post that Curt Springer contributed, describing how to properly use the combination and dial on the safe in order to open it.
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