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Generators In this forum we will try to answer any of your questions about the different model generators that can be found on Blue Bird coach's.

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Old 03-13-2018
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I am working on a Kilopak in my friends boat. It has a Kubota engine with a Stamford generator end. While warming it up to change the oil, it "popped" and the voltage spiked on the gauge. Luckily the load center was turned off so no damage to any other equipment. I ran some checks in the manual and I think it is the AVR which is a cheap fix. We just can't test it until the boat goes back in the water in a month or two. But it would have been neat to test that board. Cool setup.

Sky Cheney
1998 43' LXi #F119728
Lansing, Michigan
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Old 03-15-2018
96 Deluxe 96 Deluxe is offline
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I've been playing with the test set up. It's a learning curve to be sure. I haven't burnt anything up yet but it has been fun.
By carefully looking for clues in the Kohler manual I think I have a "pin out" for the Kohler AVR.
+ = Field+ or F+
- = Field- or F-
33 = Neutral (from the output L2 winding)
44 = L2 output
55 = Auxiliary Winding output (or hot side)
66 = Auxiliary Winding Neutral

I bought a couple of small cheap AVRs on eBay 16.25 each (GAVR-8A) for another project. Using every bit of data I could assemble I came up with a hook up for one of them.
+ = F+
- = F-
33 = N
44 = R
At first I hooked up N & R backwards but the AVR still worked. So they are somewhat fault tolerant.
After correcting the wiring I adjusted the voltage control on the AVR and presto! It would cut off precisely at 110 volts, dimming slightly before 110. Just like you'd expect.
This AVR is 8 amp as is the fuse on the Kohler auxiliary winding, but there is a big brother to this AVR.
The CGG 16.5kw generator head I just got has an AS440 in it, which has 6 leads and would be a seemingly good fit for a Kohler. SX460 is the older version but it has only 5 terminals.
If you are using a 4 terminal (or 5, they jumper two together) then you would use only the output of the generator. To fully utilize a 5 terminal AVR like the SX460 (and the 6 terminal AS440) you have to carefully connect the neutrals together for the L2 and auxiliary winding, which I am going to do with a cheap GAVR-8A before I ZAP one of the bigger AVRs.
In a few days (we going out of town) I'll figure out the wiring for the AS440 & SX460 AVRs and I could test your friend's AVR Sky.
Justine Loren Johnston
Dayton, Nevada
1986 PT40
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Old 03-15-2018
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Randy Dupree Randy Dupree is offline
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Great post!
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Archer Fl.

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Old 07-08-2018
FiremanTX FiremanTX is offline
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Fantastic info and thanks for sharing!

Out of curiosity, has anyone successfully tested the SX460 voltage regulator with one of our older 12.5 kW Kohlers? I spent the weekend running through some of the tests outlined in the Kohler manual, but didn't have the equipment to test the voltage regulator. Brushes, slip rings, stator and rotor all seem to check out. For $20 I'd be happy to try one of the SX460's to see if a new regulator can bring my generator back to life before I pull the trigger on a new generator head for my Perkins.
Colin & Abbie
La Vernia, TX
1984 PT-40 - 6V92

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