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LX and LXI (Unique Issues) If you have a unique issue with your LX or LXI model coach and it can't be answered in one of the other forums here, then this is where you can list it, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THOSE ISSUES INVOLVED WITH ANY LAWSUIT.....list your LX and LXI Parts here too.

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Old 11-26-2019
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Default Fixed - Power Cord Reel

This is the fix, to the continuation to the post "POWER CORD REEL"

Finally getting back to giving answers to my Power Real failure. My power reel would extend or retract the power cord a few inches and then stop. waiting a few seconds it would start moving the power cord again by it self, or if I turned the switch off and waited a few sections I could get the power cord to move a few inches again. Well you can imagine that this becomes very annoying, even if you only pull out the cord, the rewind is time consuming.

Well after scratching my head and looking at wiring schematics, it said I have a 20 amp fuse. I looked for it and could not find it. Then after more scratching (I'm a country boy, yes, there too), the action of the Power Reel and the return of the Reel moving after a few sections, I concluded that the 20 amp fuse is an automatic reset fuse. So if that was the case the automatic reset fuse was getting week or my Reel system
is drawing to much amperage. So I purchased a cheap DC Ampherage Gauge ( never enough tools ). Well low and behold my Power Reel Motor was drawing over 30 amps.
I called the manufacture and discussed the problem and the conclusion was that the motor was failing, since the running amperage is suppose to be under 8 amps. So purchase a new motor for around $100.
Next I called our good friend to all of us, Randy! What knowledge and ideas this man has. He told me how hard it is to get you arm ( your whole length is required) into the area above the Power Reel Compartment.
He said that the 4 mounting bolts are 1/4 inch and to just shear them off with a long chisel, but to put something under the Power Reel so it would not drop to the bottom of the compartment. I had a steel bar laying around and cut an angle on one end to act as a chisel.

Next he gave his greatest secret (Sorry Randy for telling your secret), when remounting the Power Reel put a little longer 1/4 bolts on the Reels mounting pad with nuts, because there is no way you can hold the bolt an place the amounting nuts on.
My trick was to purchase the real long screw driver set from Harbor Freights, they are like 30 inches long. I used thes to unscrew the screws holding the motor and microswitch wires from the control box, which is
mounted on the back wall of the Reels compartment. Next after having dropped my first screw, I place a tupperware rectangular container close under the control box so the screw could fall into it. The tupperware container was taped to a dowel so I could insert it into the back of the compartment. I also used it when replacing the screws - just in case!
( You don't want to try and find the screw under the reeled in cord in the bottom of the compartment - take my word)
Remember to disconnect all electrical power supply to and the coach's batteries. Once you have the Reel out, remove one piece of the two piece reel to free the power cord from the assembly.

From my conversion with the manufacture, the grease that is used in the assemblies gears is a synthetic grease. So I added a bit and smeared it on the all the teeth. Note: check the teeth for damage.

To reinstall the Reel assambly I used a 2x4 to help guide and push the assembly up into its mounting hole. Next I used those long screwdrivers, with some electrical tape to slightly hold the 1/4 lock washers and then nuts onto the bolt and used the second screwdriver to turn it onto the bolt. It's time consuming. Then you still have to slip your hand and arm in till your arm pit to reach the nuts with the wrench. (I could not even touch the back to bolts, with my finger tips.) I then used a wrench to tighten the nuts down, witch is all done by feel.
I used the Long philips screw driver with electrical tape to hold the Controller electrical screws and the flat screwdriver to push and hold the wiring in it's proper position, to install the Controllers screw. Remember your Tupperware container!

Now pat yourself on the back and have a cold one! Oh, how nice it is to have a properly functioning Power Reel. If you have the parts needed for the job, expect that the job to take the day.

Hope this helps others and thanks again Randy!
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2000 43' LXI SS - 'Bout Time
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Old 11-26-2019
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HOW about that!
You listened to me about the trick!
My arms are long enough to reach the nuts,but my arm is also big around!
And those sheet metal screws with the sharp ends sticking everywhere makes a bad job worse!
I had mine out twice before i figured out what was wrong,but thats another story (already told here on WOG somewhere).
But,looking at your pics i noticed the moter you bought is just like one i have in my stash,i was wondering what it fit!
Thanks Gunner!
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 11-26-2019
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Thanks for the pictures & description,
Bill & Patty
1988 FC, Silver Edition
Commerce, Michigan
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