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Old 09-19-2011
PaulthePlumber's Avatar
PaulthePlumber PaulthePlumber is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: South Bend
Posts: 16
Smile Happily I will offically be joing the Club of Owners this week

I have been looking since early spring for an opprotunity to purchase a Nice Wanderlodge in close to origonal condition that had been taken care of. I believe I have found it in buying a 1979 Wanderlodge FC33 RB as the condition of the interior and the full rear bath appealed to me. Our kids are now 18 (senior in HS) and 20 (Soph @ ST. Mary's) so we want to take them on trips if they can fit us into their schedule if not Dad and Mom will run away from home for a couple of days at a time. Eventually I would like to build that up once I become more confident in the unit and its workings. Semi-retired Plumbing Contractor and HVAC who as a hobby 11 yrs ago started buying repo houses in bed shape off the vultures (Banks). Then I fix em up and rent them out (sadly 20-35% are people who banks took advantage of and lost their home). Even my cars are all Projects I fixed up, either as a projct or from a salvage off Insurance co.(more vultures). I love how well made they are and this group and the people I have talked too are So nice and supportive of each other. Glad i joined and look forward to meeting All of you in the near future.. Only one question- how do you get it ready for winter? Sta-bil in fuel lines? Blow out water and put antifreeze down traps? I figure I have until end of October when up here near the Snow off Lake Michigan & Chicago comes whooshing in end of 2nd or 3rd week o November. Or do I just run to a RV storage facility. Thank you for any assistnce as i am sure in the begining i will need alot of help before i get a handle on what this all entails. Sorry for being longwinded as i am truly excited
Paul Kusbach
South Bend, IN
79 FC33 RB
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Old 09-19-2011
markusfmeyer markusfmeyer is online now
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 3,698

congrats! I'd suggest reading through the forum for your winterization options. One is to find underground storage where you don't need to winterize the water system. Another is to winterize it, I posted detailed steps last year when I went through it for the first time.

Enjoy the new to you bird.
Markus Meyer
Phoenixville, PA
1986 PT40 6V92
VB 1570
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Old 09-19-2011
Clueless Clueless is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Valparaiso
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Hi Paul and welcome.

For your first winter at least, you are going to fill your water system with pink RV antifreeze. If your water heater has a bypass, you will need 3-4 gallons. If no bypass, you will need enough to fill the water heater too.

Right now Menards has some on sale for less than 3 bucks a gallon.

There are a few of us not too far from you, in fact we got you surrounded, so when you need help, just holler.
David Styf
82 FC 33 SB SOLD
89 SP 36 Silver Edition SOLD
96 WB
Valparaiso, In./Baldwin, Mi.
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Old 09-19-2011
moonbeam express's Avatar
moonbeam express moonbeam express is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: spring hill
Posts: 816

Congrats! Sounds like you have been in training all these years to own a high end RV. You need either a) lots of time and skill, or b) a fat checkbook. In either case, it helps to remember that wonderful experiences in life are often earned with a mixture of blood, sweat, and diesel fuel.

Corey Noble
Spring Hill, FL.
2000 43 LXI Millennium Edition
“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”
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Old 09-19-2011
isp2952's Avatar
isp2952 isp2952 is online now
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: 1520 N. Binkley Rd., Larwill, IN 46764
Posts: 6,611

Congratulations Paul. Welcome to the club or as some call it, the zoo. Anyway I know you will enjoy your new to you coach. Like Dave said we have a good bunch up near you and all of them are willing to help if you are in need. As a matter of fact the entire forum is that way, it's just that we are within reach, physically.

Jim and Michele Walters
2000 LX ME
'93 WLWB (Sold)
Bluebird of Happiness
2002 Silverado Diesel 2500 HD 4x4
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Old 09-19-2011
Ed Wimberley's Avatar
Ed Wimberley Ed Wimberley is offline
95 WB 42
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Perry Georgia
Posts: 2,925

Congratulations on your Bird you'll have many years of fond memories.
Yea up North you'll be required to winterize, small inconvience big reward not repairing burst lines, well worth the effort

1995 WB 42 Series 60
Perry Georgia
770-548-1441 cell
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Old 09-19-2011
Bill Pape's Avatar
Bill Pape Bill Pape is online now
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Commerce
Posts: 11,674


Paul the Plumber will fit right into this project adventure.
There is a lot of information already posted, search winterization or domestic water or domestic plumbing. See if you find the answers.
But please continue to ask questions, We like to help & follow your project.

All the answers are on this Forum. Before WInter, I would suggest changing the oil and filters including the fuel filters.
Mi/In usually switch to winter diesel in Oct, save your pennies and fill the tank with winter fuel to limit moisture collecting in the tank , you could also add a diesel fuel treatment that lowers the jelling temperature.
Bill & Patty
1988 FC, Silver Edition
Commerce, Michigan
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