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Tell Us Where You're At As you travel around the country, why not take the time to tell our members where you have settled for the night, week, or month. There may be another member close by, that would like to meet you, so put that information right here.

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Old 10-25-2012
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Default A New Beginning

I have been waiting for almost 12 years to make this kind of post. Over the past 12 years I have aged to retirement age, been laid off from my job, gone through a totally unexpected divorce, and sold our house in the worst economy since the great depression.

On the bright side, (this is so cheesy)... Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. The toad is purchased, set up for towing. The Domicile state has been selected, mail service set up, drivers licenses obtained, vehicles, both toad and motorhome, registered and insured in the new state of domicile. Insurance purchased for full time live-aboard status. Coach-net subscribed and paid for. Memberships in place. Fuel discount cards obtained.

And tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, 6:00 AM, I will leave for Redmond, Oregon to pick up the (new to me) 1985 FC-35 Bluebird Wanderlodge. This day has truly been a long time coming, and I am not sure I can really believe it is finally here.

I will have the final and lengthy PDI with the prior owner, a thorough check ride, put about $500.00 of fuel in the tank (should get it up to about half a tank, (lol)), and prepare for my journey back to Utah. I will be living on the motorhome while in Oregon, and I plan to start back to Utah on Monday, October 29th. I'll stop over night to visit my sister in Boise, and then get back to Utah on the 30th.

Personal belongings will be moved aboard, a few modifications will be made to make living aboard a little easier for an old fat man, some last minute doctor checkups, close the P.O. Box, and by the 15th of November, I should be on the road to Quartzsite.

Something that has surprised me is that while I am excited to begin this journey, there is a little tightness in my chest as I wonder if I will really enjoy the lifestyle as much as I think I will. My father used to say, that the fun of a thing was not the having, but the planning for the having. I wonder if all the planning, figuring, scheduling, and anticipating was the enjoyment and that the actual having this lifestyle will not be as enjoyable.

In a way it's like the feeling you have just before you jump out of a perfectly good airplane, just to experience the thrill of falling to earth with only a parachute between you and certain death. Scary thought, but I am going to jump anyway, and possibly for the first time in my adult life, this old Emu is gonna fly!!!

John & Aleda Ellsworth
A wide-body, living in a narrow bus.
1985 FC-35-SB "Color Us Gone"
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Old 10-25-2012
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Enjoy the adventure for the rest of your life, as you only live once!!!!!Good for YOU!
Norm & Trish Brown
1SG Retired
Jefferson, NH
2001 LX ME 40
2003 Lexus SC 430
2008 F450 Super Duty
2011 Silverado 1500
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Old 10-25-2012
Joatha Joatha is offline
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Pensacola
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I got excited just reading your post! Good luck and I can't wait to hear about how much fun you have getting your Bird and driving it back!
Jonathan Leifheit
2001 Bluebird Wanderlodge LX ME
Pensacola, FL
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Old 10-25-2012
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Fly Emu......Fly !
Dan & Janet
Buckeye Bird II
1994 BMC 37'
2012 Wrangler Unlimited
Lancaster, Ohio
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Old 10-25-2012
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John- you have shed your old baggage- march on
Ernie Ekberg
Prevost Liberty 45 XL
Facebook—- Ernie Ekbergs’Flooring
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Old 10-25-2012
ERay ERay is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Juno Beach
Posts: 637

John... good luck and GOD bless... I have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes that were built by the lowest bidder... I have also gone to crush depth in submarines, built by the lowest bidder... and I had second thoughts about both... guess what...I did it with some fear and second thoughts but in the years to come I am here in my coach built by the best builder that I have heard of... go for it my WOG friend... there are always friends here that will lend a hand if needed... good luck with your new (to you) home... maybe we will meet up some time
Eddie & Mac Ray
1998 Wanderlodge LX (the 1st one)
Full Timing and Loving It
"Heads Carolina, Tails California"

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Old 10-25-2012
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There's a long road between the first day of the rest of your life and the last day, so enjoy many years of your Bird and don't look back. We've had three Birds, Although the first one was a Surplus School Bus that I purchased from the Air Force and did my own conversion, but it saw a lot of Italy, and is probably still over there as I sold it to another GI when I left. I was sorry to see it go, and we had to wait for another 15 years to get the FC. In the mean time we went through several tents and a pop up. Now we are just happy full timers in our BMC. Now we get to see the parts of the USA that we just went through on our way to new assignments before, and it's a great life. Every day we get to see more of God's great and beautiful work.

Lee & Peggy Longcrier
Scott, Arkansas
1984 FC 35 Given to son
1996 40' BMC
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Old 10-25-2012
markusfmeyer markusfmeyer is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 3,859

Hope to see you on the road one of these days. Safe travels!
Markus Meyer
Phoenixville, PA
1986 PT40 6V92
VB 1570
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Old 10-25-2012
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isp2952 isp2952 is offline
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Location: 1520 N. Binkley Rd., Larwill, IN 46764
Posts: 7,027

Good luck John. Let me know how the water feels when you finally get in and get wet. Unfortunately I have to wait a while until Michele can retire before we can take the plunge. Looking forward to it.

Jim and Michele Walters
2000 LX ME
'93 WLWB (Sold)
Bluebird of Happiness
2002 Silverado Diesel 2500 HD 4x4
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Old 10-25-2012
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
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All the best. Happiness is just down the road just wait and see.

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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