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Old 01-13-2008
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Default 1985 PT TV antenna lifter motor

Greetings All:

I wanted to watch the play-offs in HD via off-the-air digital broadcasts from the local stations, but the TV antenna lifter fails to raise the antenna on my 1985 PT40. The motor makes "slipping clutch" noises when run in either the "raise" or "lower" modes. After removing the extension assembly, it was possible to use the motor to raise the stubs to allow access to the (eighteen!!) cover screws, each of which required an impact driver to loosen.

The lifter consists of a single assembly integrating motor and gear train. The only mark is a sticker "Warner Electric."

There is a micro-switch positioned such that it probably was intended to open the circuit, stopping the motor when the antenna was completely retracted. However, the usual mode of operation during my ownership has been to raise or lower the antenna until slipping is heard. (This is a "tock-tock-tock" sound.)

Anyone have any experience with R/R on this unit?

1985 PT40
currently San Marcos, TX

PS: I seem to be in one of those phases: on the last trip down from the roof, the plastic step-stool I've been using for some time shattered to pieces. Had a good grip on the ladder, so no harm. Managed to short out the power leads for the co-pilot seat by pinching them in the swivel. Symptom was repeated tripping of a DC circuit breaker in the curb-side forward load center. Troubleshooting was unusual, as several wires of different colors were all numbered "10." Last week discovered an inoperative slack adjuster on one side of the drive axle, which had existed for some time judging from the different wear on the brake shoes. Properly adjusted brakes work so much better! And the previous week, the 50 A. receptacle on the coach shorted out (at 1:08 A.M.,) burning a hole through the case. Was able to get a reference number from Earl at BB, as the original manufacturer, Arrow-Hart, is gone. Number is Bryant 7968 (Bryant is owned by Hubbell.) These are U.L. approved, but not to current (NEMA?) standards. In order to make the minimum order I also got the connector for the coach end of the cord. A local electric supply company in Seguin was able to get them overnight, but as usual there were issues. The receptacle did not include the strain relief/seal on the original--lucky that wasn't melted so I could reuse mine. Secondly, although cataloged as the same steel plug as on my cord, the new plug (Bryant 7764) is nylon, and about twice as long as the original. It will work, but the compartment door cannot be closed and locked as before...
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