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Service Centers & Mobile Mechanics Good Places To Stop For Repairs And Maintenance, Mobile Mechanics, Or Bad Places To Avoid Too -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please add the names of facilities that you can recommend for service and repairs for a 'Bird, or those places to avoid for the same things. Be sure to give as much information as you can....... NAME OF BUSINESS..... BUSINESS LOCATION..... BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER..... BUSINESS CONTACT PERSON..... YEAR/ MODEL/ENGINE/TRANS OF 'BIRD WORKED ON..... WHAT ARE THEIR HOURLY REPAIR RATES..... SERVICE WAS GOOD, OR BAD..... WHAT KIND OF SERVICE, OR REPAIR WAS DONE..... REASON YOU RECOMMEND, OR AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM..... YOUR NAME..... Here is a tip about how to post your record and comments. First copy the topics above and then open a "New Thread" with the NAME OF THE BUSINESS and/or the TOWN WHERE THE BUSINESS IS LOCATED, then paste what you just copied there and then fill in the information.

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Old 06-02-2017
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Default Atlas Tire and Truck Center Houston Texas (281) 457-1900

Hi all, I would like to post an HONEST review of Atlas Tire and Truck Center here in Houston Texas Phone: (281) 457-1900

First off I am new to BB motor-home ownership but have own other motor-homes and tows in the past. None of my previous RVs are as nice, as expensive nor as complicated as my current 94 WB however. I needed to find ONE good shop that is willing to do it ALL! One place to bring all of my BB motor-home issues to..."One Ring to rule them all"! Also I am not a mech nor an RV expert at trade so my knowledge is limited. I needed a shop that was fair, honest and timely. Lastly I am picky person and if I pay good money for something then I expect good work. I spent a lot of time finding my current BB and I wanted to keep it up.

Ok so here is my review of Atlas Tire and Truck Center here in Houston Texas. Clay is the manager of the shop. He is genuinely a nice guy to deal with. John is the tech that has been working on my BB for the past 2 months now exclusively. Both guys are GREAT to deal! Their shop is not the cleanness but nice people all around really. I even saw a guy trying to give Clay extra money and he refused it.

I have spent thousand of dollars at Atlas for the below repairs/upgrades. I work out of town from Houston so my bus was at Atlas' shop for a couple of months now. Atlas has done a really good job over all. Their prices have been fair. Currently one of their upgrade has failed on my last state park trip. I call Clay about fixing the failure and he is sending out John to my RV storage place to fix it. I can't ask for more then that.

I have spent A LOT of money...not sure if I over spent really but so far I am happy. Clay and John both have spent a TON of time on my RV doing the below repairs. The BEST thing about this Atlas shop is that they are willing to work on all parts of my motor-home...from electrical, body paint/rust, engine, drive train and even interior like radio, camera and mattress even. Since I work out of state, I don't have time to shuttle my RV to all the difference shops to work on all the different systems. Also I called around and talked to a BUNCH of RV repair shops and NONE where willing to work on it ALL like Atlas. One caveat, you have understand that Atlas is mainly a tire, tranny and engine shop that works on commercial trucks and buses. They are NOT an RV repair shop...they are more industerial. However Clay the manager wants to work on RV and Bluebirds. Atlas has work on a few Bluebirds already and it was Mike Huggler one of our WOG member that told me about Atlas and Clay and Mike services BB there also. Thanks again Mike H!

These BB are orphan motor-homes with NO service from Bluebird corporate anymore! The RV shops don't want to work on them either...I called A LOT OF THEM. Also these BB are so complicated that the shops can't figure out how to charge you for the repairs and they are AFRAID to take your business on because they think you will get upset with overcharging to trouble shoot problems with these HIGHLY complicated RVs. Point is that even the Prevost's of Houston Service Center which is only 30 minutes from my house won't work on my Wanderlodge. This is a fair warning to anybody wanting to buy\own a Bluebird Wanderlodge! I did not consider this when I purchased by first and current BB. Be ready to pay well for repairs and pay to trouble shoot complicated electrical and other issues. It is the fact of owning one of these high end coaches.

Lastly no one else has worked on my BB now. I just made one year ownership and loving it. Woody, a WOG member, sold me a good his well kept RV...thanks Woody honestly.

List already done:

1. Service call to my storage unit when bus would not start even after I recharged the engine batteries multiple times over a couple of month of storage
2. Install NICE engine battery kill switch with battery meter gauge
3. New battery cables to the body chasis as original so that you can jump now at the chassis vs connecting jumping cable to the battery terminals directly
4. Power supply was wired incorrectly 2 legs to 1 side of the starter/charging solenoid (I am not an expert with elec issues)
5. Tested and monitor engine and coach batters over multiple weeks and months see that they hold a GOOD charge and start easily
6. Routine maintenance on generator
7. Install new Jabsco 146-sL spot light on front roof. We could not rebuild the original Jabsco two bulb spot light unit and it still sell it for $1500! So I purchased the SAME maker with one bulb and it was $500. The mount was a perfect fit. Was able to use all the original controls at the overhead driver position minus the spot to flood button since it only ONE bulb now vs 2 bulbs on original light. Also Jabsco has GREAT customer service that help me pick the perfect LESS costly replacement spot light unit.
8. Install new color camera on passenger side so I can see blind spot under my front passenger wheel
9. Upgrade rear camera to color from black and white
10. Un-successfully tried to stop leaking for ice maker supply line at control unit. I will just have to buy new new control unit cause the plastic threat won't allow a good seal to the brass supply line connection.
11. Minor Rust repair to outside driver side middle bay body panel...paint match was not the best but I wanted to arrest the rush problem and explained to Atlas, John and Clay that I am fine with it and understand they are NOT body shop.
12. Replace 2 wheel studs on the font tires
13. Check and inspect brakes, all working fine
14. I was VERY lucky that the transmission braided steel line broke while at shop so we fixed it there instead of on the road. Also changed tranny filter
15. Repair water leak at hot water faucet tip attached to the sink...can't get the instant hot to work yet...more testing...more figuring
16. Got the front bottom fog light working again
17. Got all dash gauges working again except for ONE...dang it...will find a fix for the alternator DUAL gauge soon hopefully
18. Install new dimmer light bulbs under instrument gauges and overhead gauges to see now I can see my gauges at night again! YEA
19. Cut my new foam matters to fit my bed frame length. New matters was 8" to long so could not walk around to rear of bedroom to closet.
20. Installed new belts for driver ac in rear of engine...man is it could at the driver seat now!
21. Replace fan vent in bathroom because of minor roof leak ONLY during driving rain. We never could stop leak so replacing the WHOLE vent solved it.
22. Install vent fan cover over new vent also
23. Fix under bay compartment unlock switching for all bays...I can unlock all my bays now from the dash and wall switch at the RV entrance door
24. Removed all the old steel tape off the roof and reseal all the joints with new silicone
25. Steering wheel minor miss-alignment at the column...finally fixed

I am happy with Atlas, Clay and John. So PLEASE put them on the list of BB service center for Houston. I am a picky and painfully honest guy and they have done me well.

If any of y'all can provide advice on my list of upcoming/wish list repair below I would love to hear from y'all.

List of upcoming work for my BB:

1. Get the LUMINESCENT DASH LIGHTS working again...would love any advice from y'all
2. Replace kitchen sink faucet
3. Try to rebuild bathroom shower head...love the high quality of the original head so want to keep if possible
4. Add led bulbs to the dash dimmer
5. Update the bus's speakers and integrate them all into the TV system.
6. Switch the air horn floor switch so that it work the electric horn instead
7. Repair splice power code in power cord bay
8. If not to costly, get the oil reservoir working again
9. Check up on the instant hot issue
10. check up on the Primus heating system...check other heating system
11. Replace both front captain chairs with the best I can buy...again any advice here guys? Or does anybody have captain chairs they want to sell me!?
12. Get the windshield wiper water lines working better
13. Replace all the screws on the outside panels and roof...some have fallen out including the spring screws at the front electrical access panel
14. Minor but replace rusting wheel caps and find a better wheel stud cap that WON'T fall off every so many trips!
15. Install RV Safe T Plus Stabilizer...any advice here also guys?
16. Ge Alternator DUAL gauge working correctly

FINALLY my family of two young kids, wonderful wife and myself are LOVING our 1994 WB Bluebird Wanderlodge. Honestly what a wonderful RV...we wasted so much time and money with the other RVs out there. I just wish Bluebird would build them again and service them or at least help shop service them again! I tell all my other RV friends about the BB now but with the fair warning of difficulty find a good shop to work on them.

Khanh H
Cypress, Texas
1994 Wanderlodge M-39 1/2-WLWB
email me at chia30@att.net
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Old 06-26-2017
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Mike Huggler Mike Huggler is offline
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Thumbs up Atlas is fair and gets it done

If khanhs bus came out fine then all is good. They will work on them and very fair and clay, trucker and all are good texas attitude folks. They stand behind their work. They are not timid about tackeling any issue. They have done work for bill stechert pt 40 and his big rigs for years too. Wog folks are the best source if you want to turn a wrench or test some wires. Amazing what they can fix over the phone while you are on the side of the road.
Thanks to all. All the blue bird groups keep these fine machines rolling.

Mike Huggler
Houston, TX
1990 SP 36. sold.
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