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Old 03-10-2017
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Default Should i use high idle in traffic & my temps after trip

When traveling and you run into traffic that is stopped backed up what is the best to do if you are stuck sitting for a long time but still need to move forward every few minutes.

Should I use high idle when sitting for more than 2 min?

How long can I use high idle for?

Also when pulling into a rest stop and I do not want to shut off for around 10 to 15 min should I use high idle?

8V92 motor.

Is this normal we made our first longer trip here is what I found.

Coach seems to like 63 to 64 MPH and it stays at around

Water temp 175 to 180
Oil temp 215 to 225
Transmission temp 175

If I hit 65 and a little over everything goes up like passing someone going very slow
I will hit
Water temp around 195
Oil temp 225 to 230
Transmission temp 185

I can then slow back down and use the fan over ride and bring it all back down.

Do i need to use the fan over ride at that temps am i using it too much?

Ed Morgan
Full Timer
1992 40 foot WB
(352) 277-1494
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1992 WLWB
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Old 03-10-2017
konehd konehd is offline
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Those temps seem normal for a stock alarmstat. Stock is 195 deg for the coolant. If it dosnt get over that you should be OK.

Ive changed my alarmstat to a 185 deg unit. My 'do something' temp is anything over 200, then I slow down and/or downshift.

When you start going up steep hills, like we have in AZ you really need to watch the temps, on level ground not so much.

I wouldnt idle mine for over a few minutes, even high idle. Why waste fuel?

In traffic, if you move every minute or so it should be OK. Better yet, dont plan to drive through traffic! Your retired ;} Let the people who work and support us have the road then ;}


HTH, Joe
Joe & Pat Garner

'93 WB40, Alligator - FOR SALE!
Sedona, AZ
Fun-Fun-Fun Till they take the BlueBird Away!
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Old 03-10-2017
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I wouldn't put it in high idle unless the transmission is in neutral. If your temps are OK, I would just drive it in normal idle in traffic. The little bit of rpms you get every couple of minutes moving will help blow-out the air-box which is the primary purpose of the high idle. Your slobber tubes may slobber a bit more, but so what. For temperature control, the fan over-ride is your tool of choice. Mine is stuck on high fan anyway, so no worries. I, too, sometimes choose to avoid shutting her down when parked short-term for various reasons, and then I do put it in high idle. Makes quite a racket when standing outside
Steve & Fran Walker
COL, Retired
Dover, TN
'86 PT38 "Eagle's Rest"
'82 FC35 (sold)
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Old 03-10-2017
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It's my understanding that DD's are not that fond of idling for long periods of time. That being said, I'd not use high idle while in gear. The reason being that would put a constant load on the tranny which might heat up the tranny.

I like to use my fan override prior to pulling a hill (if I know it's coming up). that way I allow the engine to be as cool as possible before I start the climb.

With 175 deg. thermos (and fan running) in my engine I can keep my 6v92 pretty much off the higher temps.

As previously mentioned---anything over 205--and you need to do something to reduce temp. NOW!

As I understand, at 210 degs. your in danger of blowing the engine.
Jeff Burt
Fernandina Bch., Florida
1985 PT36'
2014 F150 4X4
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Old 03-10-2017
schamp schamp is offline
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On my 1990 8v92 I thought my fan was permanently set on high all the time. I keep it on. Somehow it got switched off. Thing was surging. Run some and coast. I thought something was wrong. Made a call to Randy on a Sunday (Thanks Randy) and got some great advice. Checked the fluids and put it back in high fan. It may use some more fuel, cost a couple of HP but if it keeps that 20K back there cool, it worth it.
Your temps seem fine to me. At 200 degrees it gets my complete attention. Downshift, slow down, is the top of the hill close, something. If you are looking at the original analog gauges then know those numbers can be off by quite a bit.
Spencer Champion
Pine Mountain, Georgia
2004 M380 Was OCBIRD (sold)
1990 PT-40 Blue Thunder
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Old 03-10-2017
markusfmeyer markusfmeyer is offline
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When sitting in traffic I put the trans in neutral to prevent the temost from rising and turn the override fan on.
Markus Meyer
Phoenixville, PA
1986 PT40 6V92
VB 1570
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Old 03-10-2017
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I think you guys are missing an important point
KC & Emma
DeLand, FL
2000 LXI
"Bordering On Adequate"
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Old 03-10-2017
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Originally Posted by KCSS View Post
I think you guys are missing an important point
And tranny in neutral too.
email me at randy@randydupree.com only.

Randy Dupree
2000 LXI 43
Port St Joe Fl.

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Old 03-10-2017
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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
And tranny in neutral too.
I stop for traffic and rain. Liliana will confirm.
Steven, Liliana, Angela & Alex Pappas
1986 PT 38
FMCA 149549
VB 1010
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Old 03-11-2017
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I turn the fan on about a mile or so before a planned stop to get the engine as cool as possible. Once stopped I use high idle for a few minutes to give the turbo time to cool down. The turbo temps get pretty high when driving and keeping the engine running at high idle for a few minutes after stopping allows the intake air flow to cool the turbo and keeps the oil circulating and helps cool the turbo bearings down.
Gardner Yeaw
86 PT-36 Golden Memories
78 FC 33 Happinest (Sold)
Ridgewood, New Jersey
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