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Tim Gunter RV Interiors Wanderlodge & RV Tech We are in the Bentonville, Ar. area I-49 exit 88, 5 miles east, just inside the Pea Ridge city limits. RV Interiors & More, check us out on facebook 37 years experience 478-225-8874

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Old 10-15-2020
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Agreed that going 10 MPH under the speed limit in Texas will get road rage pointed at you, especially if it's on a 2-lane road. That, and I10 west of San Antonio is mostly flat and loooooonnnnnngggggg, even at 80. It's mostly nice road, though, so travelling at speed isn't that hard on the drivetrain/tires.

I think I read somewhere on this forum that the FC diff is kind of sensitive to torque input, and that much more than the torque you apply past what a 300HP 3208 can supply, you're going to be putting gears in it. I may be conflating that with another model, though, so I'll apologize now if I have.

Still the re-engine project will get great to watch. I hope you do a project thread on it.
Gene Beaird
Pearland, Texas
1980 FC35 3208NA
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Old 10-15-2020
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Just to add to the tire debate his uncle has done tires for a living for 30 years. Also he’s the one who sold him this bird. That uncle would be me !

Tony Welch
Madison, Virginia
1986 PT 36
1983 FC 31(sold)
1986 23ft Travelmaster
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Old 10-15-2020
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Everybody has their reasons and I admit that the reasoning for going faster than design requirements you have are far different than most of us on this forum. I gave up working a long time ago. I was one of those guys that went a 100 mph everywhere he went for many years. In all honesty that is no exaggeration. I had a rep that went through the entire state of Indiana. I could be a couple of hundred miles from my office and going someplace and I would hear, "22-81 is that you?" over my radio as I was going to an interview or anything involving a case I was working. But I am in a different point in my life and now I don't care if I **** off somebody that is in a hurry like I was long ago, because I'm going a safe and reasonable speed, especially in a vehicle that weighs 50K lbs and the driver is in his 70s. They honestly have to be crazy for wanting me to go faster! Good luck with your endeavors and hope you get to be an old man like me.

Jim and Michele Walters
2000 LX ME
'93 WLWB (Sold)
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Old 10-15-2020
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Hey CTD, you’re correct that I should stick to the drivetrain component ratings. That’s where my 800-1,200 lb/ft of torque number comes from. It’s actually not greed. It’s my best estimation of the limits of the transmission. Which, in my experience is the weakest link in trucks that aren’t being abused. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, Allison 3060’s are rated between 800-950 lb/ft based on what I can find. Then most things have a safety factor of at a minimum 1.2. Minimum is the key word here. That puts me at 960. In which case I’d only need a 480 hp 5.9 to achieve. A little less for a 6.7.

But of course, all that is relative to weight right? Well, again, the same trans and axle is used in 35 footers. So, I’m under stress design limits there too. I also deleted my propane and gas tank completely. Now my trans should be able to handle more torque due Less weight. That’s how I arrive at 800-1,200 lb/ft. Therefore, I think 1,000 is the safe number.

In my experience, rear axles aren’t the limit to sane driving practices. They fail, yes. They can break under excessive stress, yes. But, an automatic transmission is usually the weakest link when it comes to making power beyond factory ratings.

Isp2952, I understand where you’re coming from. I really do. I look forward to slowing down in about 30 years.

I need to start another thread. My intent was to show off Tims handiwork. He’s a skilled craftsman. Thank you all for your input. I’ll post a link to my new thread.
William and Gail Thomas
Henderson, Texas
1983 FC31 SB
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Old 10-15-2020
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Originally Posted by Beach Bum Bird View Post
Your paint looks amazing. Where’d you have it done at? What floors did you choose?

Fit is why I’m dead set on a 5.9-6.7 Cummins B series engine. Based on every reasonable dimension I can find, it’ll fit. And, after seeing the 300hp 3208 charge air cooler catastrophe on the later FC’s, I’m reasonably confident I will use the factory school bus style air to water intercooler that Cummins used on the early 5.9’s.

Noise is easy, compound turbos quiet things down a lot and make my torque target much easier to obtain. I’ve built several sets compound turbos ranging from 550HP to 1,800HP for Dodge pickups. Next, I’ll use a modest 4” exhaust. If that’s not enough, a MBRP type resonator works well to kill drone. If that’s still not enough, a 51” Donaldson truck muffler can be bought at almost any NAPA in the country. I don’t want noise or much smoke. I just want 80 mph cruising speeds on Texas interstates.
I had it painted in a local shop, it was the first motorhome he did and I don't think he realized how much work it was.

The floor is luxury vinyl planking, it's really good stuff, looks good and you can't seem to hurt it.
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Tom Wunder
Wilmington, NC
1979 FC31RB
A Thing From The Past. A Gift For The Future
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