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Buying a Wanderlodge, a Bluebird or any RV Ready to take the plunge or looking to upgrade and you have questions? Folks are standing by ready to help.

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Old 04-26-2013
peteaeonix's Avatar
peteaeonix peteaeonix is offline
Former Bird Owner
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Ridgefield
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Country Coach is located in Junction City, Oregon -- I've driven past their factory numerous times. (Marathon Coach is not far away in Coberg, OR -- you can see their plant from I-5. In recent years, there have been only a handful of coaches near the plant. Marathon does a LOT of conversions on the Prevost chassises.)

Most of Country Coach's output are fiberglas vehicles with the advantages and disadvantages that provides. (I believe that they also do Prevost conversions -- or did in the past.)

The Country Coach models are nice looking and are considered as an "upscale" choice, but are not in the same class as Newell, Blue Bird, or most Pervost conversions.

My bias is toward the Blue Bird -- simply because it is structurally much safer (with metal rather than plastic body). The "bus conversions" (MCI, Prevost, Blue Bird, etc.) are built on a true highway bus chassis. I think that provides a better driving experience, but it may result in compromises on the "house" design. The plastic RVs tend to err on the side of "livability" sometimes short changing over-the-road characteristics.

In having test driven several RVs before purchasing my 'bird, it seemed to me that the "regular" RVs were a bit loose feeling, with more flex in the structure. Several were better in the close maneuvering (but I had a '95 'bird), but often good low speed handling is favored with corresponding loss of good highway handling.

The best advice is to drive one of each.

Pete Masterson
(former) 95 WBDA 42'
(now) 2011 Roadtrek RS-Adventerous
Ridgefield, WA
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Old 04-26-2013
George Roberts George Roberts is offline
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Location: Fruita
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Well stated Pete!
George Roberts
1994 WLWB 40' "No Reservations"
Towed: 2008 Jeep Sahara Limited Hardtop 4X 4
Fruita Colorado
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Old 04-26-2013
bubblerboy64 bubblerboy64 is offline
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The other part of this is for around $100,000 to $150,000 I could buy the BB of my dreams.

If the 450 isn't doable there are others that would be.

Nice problem to have.

Talk the fellow out of the slides and save him $100k and be even BETTER friends.

Just like boats the sky is the limit but in my estimation there are some coaches in the $100,000 range give or take which are SO nice I can see spending more.

Having said that I've never seen or touched the type of coach he's talking about. Perhaps when I would I'd see the value of spending the additional money.

At the very least he needs to feel and touch a couple BB's.

Last year I talked the CowDoc out of an SOB saved him $30K and he's got a way better coach at that. BB's are pretty hard to beat.

Heading out in mine for the first time since flywheels this weekend.

John Heckman
Shippensburg Pa
1987 PT 36
The Bella Mia Sold
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Old 04-26-2013
bwinter1946's Avatar
bwinter1946 bwinter1946 is offline
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Location: Madera
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It is an interesting thing talking to people that have no idea what a Blue Bird is. They think they know "all about" RVs but have either no or very limited knowledge of Blue Birds. One example is: I keep a plastic covered magnet near the door of my BMC. When talking to these people they acknowledge the nice style and condition of my BMC. However, when I take that magnet and stick it on the outside skin their eyes bug out and ask is that made of STEEL?? It is fun to watch and then they appreciate a little better that Blue Birds are different.
Brad Winter
Madera, California
1997, 37' BMC
1999, Jeep Cherokee, Toad
1970, VW Baja Bug, Alternate Toad
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Old 04-26-2013
dmurdock's Avatar
dmurdock dmurdock is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Cedar Park
Posts: 1,214

I just ask people if they think their RV will outlast the engine....
DuWayne & Shannon Murdock
Cedar Park, Texas
1995 BMC37 Sold
1984 FC35RB Sold
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Old 04-28-2013
kb0zke kb0zke is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Urbana
Posts: 389

When we were still investigating coaches we talked to a couple who used to have a Country Coach and now have a Newell. They said the CC was nice, but nowhere near the quality of the Newell. Just from what he said (and didn't say) my preference would be for the 'Bird. There isn't that much difference in price, and all the seller can do is say "No" to an offer.
David Lininger
Urbana, Missouri
1993 Foretravel U300 40'
Build number 4371
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Old 04-28-2013
Ernest Ekberg's Avatar
Ernest Ekberg Ernest Ekberg is offline
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Originally Posted by dmurdock View Post
I just ask people if they think their RV will outlast the engine....
I hope to outlast my tires
Ernie Ekberg
Prevost Liberty 45 XL
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