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Old 09-02-2012
larry holland larry holland is offline
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Default Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Lubrication (FCs)

1.) I have two carrier bearings under my 82 FC. Each of the housings for the bearings has a zerk hole in the bottom, but no zerk fitting. The holes are not tapped. My question is, are the bearings sealed or open faced? I can't see the bearings because of the way the carrier housing is constructed. I noticed this while surfing under the coach on my crawler. If they are sealed then no problem, but if open faced, they need zerks and grease.
2.) While on the subject of the drive train I discovered another problem while under there. While greasing the universals, slack adjusters,king pins, etc. I found that the 1/2-13 flange bolts between the rear end universal and the rear end spline gear flange were only finger tight! I was able to back all four of the Ny-Lok nuts off with my thumb and finger. This had been causing a vibration in the drive train that has caused the rear end seal to leak. My coach was towed some time back and the drive shaft had to be disconnected. When the work was done and the drive shaft reconnected the bolts used were short and the nylon lock nuts did not engage the bolt threads completely. I have since replaced them with longer grade eight bolts and new locking nuts.
Still have to get that seal replaced.
I include this only as a heads up for anyone that has an FC and it has been towed with the drive train disconnected. Mine was loose and vibrating. I thought I was having engine vibration. I drove the coach that way for several hundred miles coming home last spring. I hate to think what might have happened if we had dropped the drive shaft! So if anyone out there has had the misfortune to have your rig towed, check the rear end universal bolts! They should be 1/2"-13x 2" long, and grade 8. Mine were grade 8, but only 1-1/2" long.
Sorry to be so long winded, but better safe then sorry.
Larry Holland
82 FC 35/3208T
Larry Holland
Canandaigua, N.Y.
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Old 09-02-2012
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Turbokitty Turbokitty is offline
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Good info Larry, keep it coming. When I had my Allison overhauled back in 2007 I asked the mechanics to check the drive train and to change the rear end lube as well. They too found a few less than tight bolts

Isn't it fun surfing under an FC

Ryan and Michelle Saari
Timberlake Products Group, Inc.
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1983 FC35RB Left me for Atlanta!
Clearwater, Florida
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